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Now That’s the Way to Handle Truancy!

About a dozen parents have been sentenced for their children’s truancy this year and some have gone for jail for the crime, the Baltimore Sun’s Erica Green reports.  Green profiles Barbara Gaskins, who spent 10 days in jail after her 15-year-old son missed the overwhelming majority of school days this year. She says she dropped him off at the bus stop each morning and taught him the importance of education. She was worried about finding childcare for her four young children while serving the time.

Brilliant.  And something that should be done nationwide.  Pack them off to jail.  Perhaps then they’ll get their little ones up and off to school.

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Really ABC News? Seriously?

The old journalists who made ABC the leader in Nightly News for so long just died even more.  Journalism is dead.  Long live tabloid news parading as network news.

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Once More: The ‘End’ Won’t Happen May 21

Back in January I noted

… don’t concern yourself with the super-dilettantes who have set the date for the Second Coming of Christ.

If there had been time, Marie Exley would have liked to start a family. Instead, the 32-year-old Army veteran has less than six months left, which she’ll spend spreading a stark warning: Judgment Day is almost here.  Exley is part of a movement of Christians loosely organized by radio broadcasts and websites, independent of churches and convinced by their reading of the Bible that the end of the world will begin May 21, 2011.

They’re simply wrong- exegetically and theologically.  …  this is simply a publicity seeking little band of deceiving dilettantes.

If you’re concerned with the date-setters, just read Mark 13:32.  If date-setters ignore or attempt to exegete around that, you know they’re simpletons.

No need to fret, even though this lunacy will be in the news more and more.  When they are proven wrong, I certainly expect these people to step forward and confess to the world that they are uninformed liars, deceivers, and false teachers.  If they don’t admit it, however, it will still remain true that they are liars, deceivers, and false teachers.


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This fascinating blog describes Mexico’s drug violence in real time.  When something happens, it’s posted.  If you want to see what’s happening south of the border, this is probably the best blog to watch.

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The ‘Biblioblog Reference Library’ Is Twittering

Not interested in fighting RSS feeds?  Too lazy to click on the dozens of blogs in your blogroll just to arrive disappointed that they haven’t posted since Bush was President?  Want to keep up on (most of) the latest (and some of the good) biblioblog postings?  Then ‘follow’ the Biblioblog Reference Library on Twitter.

He’s done it all for you.  Yes you.  Just you.  Because you’re just that special!

[Seriously- a very helpful thing- so long as you understand that the ‘library’ is, like all libraries, a selection and not a complete (as if such were possible) tweetering of all the posts posted.  You’ll still have to do your own subscribing to particular blogs you particularly enjoy].


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Worst Headline of the Day

Truck carrying laxatives causes backup on interstate

It’s not a very good laxative if it caused a backup instead of allowing for free flow.  Via Jim Barr on FB.

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New Orleans Cops are Utterly Corrupt

The Department of Justice has concluded its investigation into New Orleans’s notoriously corrupt police force and concluded that it is so bad, so rotten from top to bottom, that the police have been placed under the supervision and authority of a fed judge. Next, the feds will take control of the city’s hellish jails. The New Statesman’s report on NOLA’s version of justice sounds like something out of Baghdad or a Mexican border town or a wild west novel about corrupt frontier towns. Or Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Arizona.

Read the rest.  Via Robert Wilson on FB.  Having been to New Orleans I think it a lovely city with friendly people (in some sections).  In other sections… well let me just say that while Chris Tilling and I were walking around there during SBL we were both taken aback at the depravity on display for all, including small children, to see.  Yes- little children could see things grown adults shouldn’t see outside the privacy of their own homes.

That the cops there are corrupt is no surprise.  At all.  You would have to be corrupt to stomach parts of the place.

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“Novel” theology: Bestsellers as rich theological source (via Grateful to the dead)

As I’ve opined constantly, everything is grist for the theological mill.

"Novel" theology: Bestsellers as rich theological source A nifty post by “Theology PhD Mom” on novels and theology, including a run-down of some of the theological themes in Nick Hornby’s About A Boy (which later became a movie starring Hugh Grant). Some snippets: “My PhD advisor has often suggested that fiction is good for theologians to … Read More

via Grateful to the dead


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Even Small Towns Have Big Problems With Crime and Criminals

Just up the road 11 miles,

Wartburg Police Capt. Ralph Braden is hospitalized in critical condition after he was assaulted by a suspect on April 22. …  Capt. Braden was taken to Methodist Medical Center where medical personnel put him under and put his shoulder back in place. Then he was released and taken home.  Braden’s family says he was unresponsive on Sunday so he was taken back to the hospital. He’s now on life support.  … Patterson was arrested 14 hours after the incident with Capt. Braden. Officials say Patterson has charges that date back to 2003 and include a previous assault on an officer.

Wartburg is a small town, the county seat but still small.  And Sunnyside Apts. (where the incident took place) is low income housing.  So you don’t have to go to New York or Chicago to find violence in low income housing projects.  Small, poor counties have the same ‘delights’.  Total depravity is everywhere.  It is ubiquitous.

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Read Through The KJV Bible in 400 Seconds

For the 400th Anniversary of the KJV

Monday, May 2, 2011 at Noon EDT, The YouVersion community will read through the entire King James Bible in 400 seconds.

How? We’re each going to read a small section from the Bible out loud, simultaneously. We’ll all start at the same time (noon on Monday, May 2). Think of it like a global Bible-reading flash mob. Read your section aloud wherever you are, take photos as you do, and post your participation! You can share what you’re doing on Twitter (#kjv400), in our Facebook event, or even arrange a meetup to read with others. Check back here during the event for the community view!

If you’re into such things (because you just have to be part of a crowd and pine to fit in and ‘belong’ – or just because it sounds fun), click the link above for more. Via our friends at Sheffield’s KJV 400 FB page.

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More College Football Dirtbaggery

When will America learn that athletic departments and their athletes are above the rules?  Why must coaches and schools like Ohio State be constantly persecuted for the evils of their athletic supporters, coaches, and jocks?  It’s. Just. Not. Fair….  How will college jocks ever learn to fit in to the ‘above the law and ignore the rules’ environment of pro sports if they aren’t coddled and worshiped while younger?  America needs to drop the harshness and lower its standards for jocks/coaches.  That alone will cure the cancer of expectation that schools must abide by the rules.

Ohio State University is potentially facing the most severe NCAA penalties to its storied football program as punishment for coach Jim Tressel’s failure to disclose his knowledge of violations and use of ineligible players during this past season.  In a “notice of allegations” given to Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee on Friday and obtained by The Dispatch, the NCAA accused Tressel of dishonesty for hiding violations by seven current and former players who sold awards and equipment to a tattoo-parlor owner. Ohio State, however, was not cited for “failure to monitor” or “failure of institutional control” violations, which would likely lead to the harshest of penalties. Such penalties are typically imposed when a university’s compliance program is weak. “That was very significant,” a source close to the investigation told The Dispatch today. Ohio State officials declined immediate comment on the NCAA notice.

‘Violations’?  ‘Ineligible players’?  Those things don’t exist in big college sports.  Come on, NCAA, give them a break.  It’s not as if they don’t have loads of money to make for their ‘schools’.  And it’s money that matters in college- money alone.  So if they have to ignore your silly rules intended to guarantee fairness, so be it.

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Sex With Fallen Angels??? Someone Really Needs to Know How To Know if They’ve Had It????

Answering the troubling question, ‘which biblioblog has the skankiest readership?’ And the answer is…

How Do You Know When You're Having Sex With a Fallen Angel? Some Handy Hints from a Biblical Scholar Just last week, a reader of Remnant of Giants arrived at this site having entered the following search-phrase into a search-engine: how do u know when your [sic] having sex with a fallen angel? Good question! Remnant of Giants is rapidly becoming a key resource for readers wanting advice on how to deal with biblical Giants and their evil fathers, the fallen angels, especially since July ’09, when fallen angel fiction officially eclipsed the vampi … Read More

via Remnant of Giants

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This Will Get Them Stirred up In Frisco…

Texas may revoke the rights of transgendered folk to marry.

Two years after Texas became one of the last states to allow transgendered people to use proof of their sex change to get a marriage license, Republican lawmakers are trying to roll back the clock. Advocates for the transgendered say a proposal to bar transgendered people from getting married smacks of discrimination and would put their legally-granted marriages in danger of being nullified if challenged in court.  One of the Republican sponsors of the legislation said he’s simply trying to clean up the 2009 law in a state that bans same-sex marriage under the Constitution.  “The Texas Constitution,” Sen. Tommy Williams said, “clearly defines marriage between one man and one woman.”

Fascinating, because it raises the question as to whether a man or a woman are such because of their genitals or because of their DNA.  For my part (oh this will get ’em mad) it’s the DNA that gets the last word.  Deviance and deviation don’t change DNA and DNA doesn’t fatalistically determine deviation.

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Americans, Don’t Go to Mexico

Just don’t.  It’s completely unsafe and the government is powerless and vapid.

At the largest mass grave site ever found in Mexico, where 177 bodies have been pulled from deep pits, authorities say they have recovered few bullet casings and little evidence that the dead were killed with a gun. Instead, most died of blunt force trauma to the head, and a sledgehammer found at the crime scene this month is believed to have been used in the executions, according to Mexican investigators and state officials. The search continued Sunday, with state officials warning they expect the count to rise. They say as many as 122 of the victims were passengers dragged off buses at drug cartel roadblocks on the major highway to the United States.

Truly, the animals are in charge of the zoo. Don’t go. It’s just not worth it.

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ABC News Has Actually Covered Something Besides the ‘Royal Wedding’ Today!

They actually divert their eyes from the Medusa of the wedding and discuss, ever so briefly, the rise of gas prices and the problem it’s creating for the President.

When Obama took office gas was running at $1.84 a gallon.   Can President’s control gas prices?  No.  It’s stupid to think they can.  But what they, and Congress can do, is sick the Justice Department on price gougers and end supplements to the oil industry.  They don’t need the money.  The profits big oil made the first quarter of this year are more than enough for them to line Congressional and political pockets.

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Egypt Has Ridden itself of a Christian Governor

According to Al-Arabiya-

Egypt sacks the newly-appointed governor of the southern governorate of Qena Emad Michael.

Ahram has the details leading up to the firing:

After more than a week of violent protests in Qena, the minister of local development is expected to deliver a statement announcing the prime minister’s decision to suspend the city’s recently appointed governor, Emad Shehata Mikhail, from performing his duties for three months. The secretary-general of the Qena governorate, Maged Abdel-Kareem, would assume the governor’s responsibilities until further notice.

This bodes badly for Egypt’s Christians.  It seems the violent Muslim majority will raise a stink and create havoc if Christians have positions of authority.  So much for a revolution aimed at democracy.  Democracy lived for an hour in Egypt when Mubarak was forced from power and then died in Egypt an hour afterwards.


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The Crisis For Many Bibliobloggers Continues

Stricken by the outage of Sony’s ‘Play Station’ network, many bibliobloggers have suffered immensely.  Unable to play online games,

gaming blogger

they may even be forced back to work!  Oh the sorrow!!!  Oh the horror!!!!  Working instead of gaming…  Poor things.

At any rate, perhaps now [blogger’s name removed by the editor to spare him the public shame] can post something interesting.  Maybe.  Nah, I’m not holding my breath either.


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If It Rains On Your Wedding Day…

God is weeping at the mockery you’ve made of the institution of marriage.  God will, apparently, be weeping mightily on the wedding day of the ‘Royals’, Will and Kate.

It’s the news the country had been dreading: the royal wedding could be hit by heavy showers as cooler weather sweeps across the south-east, forecasters have predicted. Despite earlier predictions that the sun would shine on the royal newlyweds, the most recent forecast suggests hundreds of thousands of people lining the streets on Friday will get drenched. If it does rain, it also means the public will be denied the chance to see the bride and groom in an open carriage on their way back from Westminster Abbey, as a closed-in carriage is on standby to be used in wet weather.

Yes, weeping mightily.


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Utah’s A Strange Place for a 500 Year Old German Book to Show Up…

But that’s exactly what happened!

… on a recent Saturday while volunteering at a fundraiser for the small town museum in Sandy, Utah, just south of Salt Lake, [Ken] Sanders got the surprise of a lifetime.  “Late in the afternoon, a man sat down and started unwrapping a book from a big plastic sack, informing me he had a really, really old book and he thought it might be worth some money,” he said. “I kinda start, oh boy, I’ve heard this before.”  Then he produced a tattered, partial copy of the 500-year-old Nuremberg Chronicle.  The German language edition printed by Anton Koberger and published in 1493 is a world history beginning in biblical times. It’s considered to be one of the earliest and most lavishly illustrated books produced after Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press and revolutionized publishing.

Nifty!  It’s too bad it wasn’t a copy of a first edition Zwingli.  Now that would be a discovery!

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It’s The Crowd Standing Around Just Watching…

That’s so disgusting.  In this video thugs attack a person in a McDonalds and while an employee records the beating (which resulted in the person being sent into seizure) on her cell phone others (except one old woman) stand around without stopping it.

They just stand around without doing a thing.  Thank God for the old woman.  As to the rest, they’re just more parade examples of the total depravity of humanity.


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