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Another Quote of the Day

Sometimes I get all sentimental and miss my family on the holidays. Then I call them and remember why it’s best I’m not around (most of) them, even on the holidays!!  —  Leigh Ann Watts

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On Preachers: An Observation

This one from Martin Luther- A good preacher should have these properties and virtues: first, to teach systematically; secondly, he should have a ready wit; thirdly, he should be eloquent; fourthly, he should have a good voice; fifthly, a good … Continue reading

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See, Obama’s A Real Christian – He Went to Church on Easter!

Just like so many other real Christians!   So take that, Obama birther/muslim/nutbags! President Barack Obama and his family attended Easter service Sunday at a Washington church founded in 1863 by freed slaves. The first family entered Shiloh Baptist Church to … Continue reading

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Go Ahead, Brag About Your Crimes on Facebook

Four bank robbers have been arrested after boasting about their successful raid on Facebook. The dim witted criminals posted the message “I’m rich” and “Wipe my teeth with hundreds” soon after an armed raid on a bank in Houston, Texas. … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Easter is confusing. How did we get from Jesus rising from the dead, to hiding sugar in the backyard. Did candy lobbyists hijack this thing?  — Colin Cowherd

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Jan Gunneweg With Straight Talk on the ‘Jesus Nails’ Silliness, Again

Prof. Gunneweg writes, in response to the South African presses’ report… To whom it may concern, Jacobovici to be blamed? No! He wants money in his bank account. South African Press to be blamed? No! Its journalist wants a part … Continue reading

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Big Oil is About to Post Huge Profits

Your pain at the pump is about to become outrage once the big oil companies post their first quarter profits this week.  Exxon, for example, is expected to boast $10,000,000,000 in profits just for the first three months of 2011.  … Continue reading

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Insights From the Heidelberg Catechism

Question 57. What comfort does the “resurrection of the body” afford thee? Answer: That not only my soul after this life shall be immediately taken up to Christ its head; (a) but also, that this my body, being raised by … Continue reading

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How Bibliobloggers Spend Easter Sunday

Thought you knew what bibliobloggers do on Easter?  Think again-

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Chinese Christians: Arrested at Easter Services

A large number of police began to gather early on Sunday in the Zhongguancun area of Beijing, where the Shouwang Church had said it would hold an outdoor service to mark the holiest day of the Christian calendar.  “Between 20 … Continue reading

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Christ is Risen- An Artistic Rendition

Kipped from Steph Fisher-

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Utter Madness And Irreversible Insanity

A local columnist writes Peeps are one of the nastiest food items ever created.  Frankly, my use of the term “food items” in this context is rather broad. It includes road tar, tree bark, tofu, Brussels sprouts and other vile … Continue reading

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And a Very Happy Easter…

To each and every Christian!

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