The Totally Depraved Teen Who Killed a 4 Year Old, and Killed Jesus Too

A California teenager accused of molesting and drowning a 4-year-old neighbor boy and hiding his body in a clothes dryer was convicted of first-degree murder Friday.  A judge also found 15-year-old Raul Castro guilty of lewd and lascivious conduct, and sodomy. The judge found Castro not guilty of two counts of kidnapping.  Castro was tried as an adult in the October 2009 killing of Alex Mercado. Castro was 14 when he drowned the preschooler in a bathtub after the child said he would tell his mother about the sexual assault.  The Mendota teen confessed in taped interviews with detectives to luring the 4-year-old into his house, sexually assaulting him, laying on top of him in the bathtub to drown him and then stuffing the boy’s body into the clothes dryer.

Raul lured a 4 year old into his house.  He sodomized him.  He drowned him. And he hid the body in a clothes dryer.  And he killed Jesus too, because his sins sent Christ to the Cross.  Raul’s a double murderer, a sodomite, and a vicious sociopath.

Of course Raul had help sending Jesus to the Cross, but he was completely on his own in his sodomite violation of a pre-schooler.  Such are the ways of those unfamiliar with the grace of God, the only remedy for the sins which so easily take hold and control.