Skeptical About Syria

I can’t help it but I’m growing quite skeptical of claims of massive fatalities in Syria.  There may well be people dying in protests but who knows anymore.  Having seen the power of YouTube and Facebook in other countries, isn’t it just possible that segments of Syrian society interested in regime change for their own purposes are creating scenarios which the rest of the world picks up and takes as truth?  Hollywood has taught the world how to fabricate scenes of violence.

Maybe it’s just my skeptical nature- but I’ve noticed over the years that if one person (or state) achieves their particular ends by using certain methods, they’re sure to be imitated.

Anyway, who really knows what’s going on in Syria.  We believed the liars in Iraq before the invasion and we trusted their bad ‘intelligence’, swallowing it hook, line and sinker because our feckless government was looking for any reason at all to attack.  Who knows if someone in Syria isn’t acting the same way now, passing off bad intel just to have their way?

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