More Injustice in America: The Rich Celebrity Trollop Edition

The day unfolded all too familiarly for Lindsay Lohan: a court hearing, a jail sentence, a quick release.  The starlet appeared before a judge Friday for the fourth time in nearly a year and was sentenced to 120 days for violating her probation by taking a designer necklace.

Well, 120 days in jail.  Surely a light sentence given her status as a repeat repeat offender.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner said she thought the actress had intentionally taken the $2,500 necklace from an upscale Venice store and shown poor judgment in not trying to return it until police became involved.

Oh the hammer’s about to drop!  Finally, Lohan will get what normal people get!

The judge reduced the actress’ charge from felony grand theft to a misdemeanor and imposed the 120-day sentence.  Lohan’s attorney Shawn Holley filed a notice of appeal right before court closed, clearing the way for the actress’ release on bail.  She was freed at 9:21 p.m. after posting $75,000 bail, according to the sheriff department’s website.

Well shoot- I forgot for a moment that in America the rich and celebrity get special treatment under the ‘law’.  If I had only remembered that I wouldn’t be so ‘surprised’ that Lohan got away with it again…

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  1. wken says:

    Well, yeah.

    If she actually spends time in jail, then she might learn a lesson and not commit more crimes. Then she won’t be able to grab more headlines for committing crimes!

    I mean, really, Jim, I thought that we cleared up this whole capitalism thing the other day.


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