A ‘Church’ In Irving Has Taken ‘Bribe them in’ to a New Low

One word- sickening.

Such churches simply have lost the plot altogether.  They aren’t churches, they are social clubs attempting to bribe and manipulate people into joining.

An Irving church is giving away prizes in hopes of drawing more people on Easter weekend. Calvary Church in Irving will give away 10 cars, 1,000 bags of groceries and 50,000 Easter eggs filled with candy. The church is also offering bigger prizes such as Texas Rangers tickets and vacation packages.  “I hope that people do come and experience a place where they belong and a place where people love them and want to reach out to them,” Ben Dailey, lead pastor. “As Christians, we celebrate Jesus, his death, his burial, his resurrection [at] this time of year, and it’s God loving loud. So we thought, what’s a way that we could love our community in a loud way?”

Sick.  ‘God’s loving loud’.  Sick.  It’s pandering and a cheapening of grace to pretend that persons can be bought into the kingdom.

2 thoughts on “A ‘Church’ In Irving Has Taken ‘Bribe them in’ to a New Low

  1. Michael Acidri 24 Apr 2011 at 8:34 am

    Er, should i return the car that i was given by the church?


  2. Geoff Vincent 24 Apr 2011 at 11:22 pm

    The last person of a similar name whom I can remember pulling stunts like this was, as British viewers will recognise, one Arthur Daley! Used cars, cheap commodities and a lack of receipts for anything, and always dealing in cash.


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