Total Depravity: The Thieving Church Secretary Edition

What’s the deal with so many church secretaries going crazy and stealing from churches?  Do they think they work on Wall Street or something?

A Bristol woman was charged Thursday with embezzling more than $200,000 from a Johnson City church as the church’s secretary.  Jessica Lynn Tramel, 32, 916 Weaver Pike, Bristol, was charged with 150 counts of forgery, theft of property over $60,000 and identity theft.  Police said in a news release Tramel’s arrest resulted from an investigation into an embezzlement report filed by the Unaka Avenue Baptist Church staff stating that funds were missing from the church bank account. An audit indicated that 229,265 was missing.

There’s more.  Follow the link above.

I just wish that these folk would run for political office if they’re so desperate for money and don’t mind acting in a deceptive and underhanded way to get it.  Politics is where the real money is and it’s all under the table and off the books.

[Look closely- that birthmark under her left eye is 666!]