There Isn’t A Complete Explanation for the Problem of Human Suffering…

So opines Benedict XVI in a TV interview.

Pope Benedict admits there isn’t a full answer to suffering in rare TV interview The Pope has spoken about the tsunami in Japan, conflict in Iraq, the civil war in Ivory Coast and victims of multiple sclerosis in an unprecedented television appearance due to be broadcast in Italy on Good Friday.

With no offense to the Holy Father, anyone who reads Psalm 22 (or any of the Lament psalms) or the book of Job knows that. But do read the rest of the Telegraph essay announcing the tv interview.

In my mind it is precisely at the Cross that the true meaning of human suffering is clarified: suffering is salvific- if not for the sufferer than for others.  And it is the sacrifice of Christ on the cross for human sin which solves human suffering- for in life everlasting in the presence of God believers will know suffering no more.

So there may not be a complete explanation for suffering in this life; but suffering is solved and destroyed in eternity.