Archaeological War Over David

Joseph Lauer writes

Earlier this morning Dr. Rachel Elior alerted me to a very interesting (and very long) Hebrew article on the “war” between (or among) the archaeologists regarding the chronology and archaeology concerning David, his kingdom, and his palace.

It was published today in Mussaf Ha’aretz – the Friday supplement of Ha’aretz.  The Hebrew article, available at  or, is entitled (in translation), “A Storm in the World of Archaeology: Was proof of the existence of David’s Kingdom found in Khirbet Qeiyafa [the Elah Fortress]?”

The article’s sub-caption asks, in part (and again roughly translated): “Is one of the greatest historical mysteries close to being solved at the Khirbet Qeiyafa excavation site? Archaeologist Professor Yossi Garfinkel argues that he succeeded in discovering there for the first time significant proof for the existence of David’s Kingdom. Against him are archaeologists who argue that his conclusions are hasty and baseless. Believers in the Bible against Bible critics, conservatives against radicals, Jerusalem against Tel Aviv….”
The article briefly refers at the end to the accusations, etc., in a March 11, 2011 Ha’aretz [Hebrew] article (“Tel Aviv and Hebrew Universities in a war of excavations”) at     Dr. Aren Maeir posted regarding the earlier article at    I hope that the new article will appear soon in English.
What fun!

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