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Texas’ Little Gun Toting Kindergartner Injures 3 at School

A kindergartner who brought a loaded gun Tuesday to his Houston elementary school was among three students injured by fragments when it fired after falling from his pocket as he sat down for lunch, officials said.  One bullet was fired about 10:35 a.m. in the Ross Elementary School cafeteria, spraying fragments at the students, said Houston Independent School District Assistant Police Chief Robert Mock.  “Either some type of chips off the floor, or it could be pieces of the round that discharged,” Mock said. “They had some cuts and stuff on their legs, they don’t appear to be life threatening.”

Texas… figures.  Guns are easily accessible by anyone and everyone.

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New article on Tell es-Safi/Gath LB building (via The Tell es-Safi/Gath Weblog)

Aren’s a good writer. I’ve just finished his essay in the previously mentioned volume and he has an engaging style. So if you have a chance to read his work, I recommend you do it.

Today I received the final published pdf of a joint article that was written about the Late Bronze Age building that we excavated in Area E (supervised by Itzik Shai and J. Uziel). In this very interesting paper, we discuss the building, related finds and most importantly, we attempt to define the function of the building and the social status of the building. Heres the full reference: Shai, I., Maeir, A. M., Uziel, J., and Gadot, Y. 2011. Diffe … Read More

via The Tell es-Safi/Gath Excavations Official (and Unofficial) Weblog

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Another Grand Essay from ‘The Fire Signals of Lachish’

This one’s by Eric Cline.  He discusses the likelihood that Megiddo Stratum VIa was the victim of an earthquake and not a military conquest.  His essay is part of this volume– which I’ve already mentioned previously.

Cline musters the evidence and argues persuasively that it was indeed an earthquake which ruined the city and not some invader.  He’s probably right.  At least according to the materials he presents.  So – so far – all of the essays I’ve looked at in this Festschrift are top notch.  I’m sure there’s a bottom notch one in there (there always is), but I haven’t found it yet.

Someone ought to send Simcha a copy.  Maybe he could learn something.


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Scott Nominates Paula White for the Dilly Award!

And after you read his post, you’ll see why she certainly is deserving… [bloody heretic. Why do these people have sycophants? Are there really, really Christians that dumb and uninformed? Really?]

Special Passover Award For BS (Biblical Stupidity) And the winner is? Drum roll please…. Paula White. Usually, Paula is doing some serious BS with the calendar and the feast days of ancient Israel. Paula has articulated an immense amount of BS pertaining to the calendar. She really likes the calendar… she loves the calendar. When Paula is around a calendar it gets awkward. But her calendar has magic powers for your finances! This the dilettante queen who brought you the Day of Atonement blessin … Read More

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In the Running for the ‘Dilly the Dilettante’ of the Week Award!

Sometimes the Dilly’s just fall into your lap.  Take this example-

I’m not going to link to it because it doesn’t deserve the traffic.  But the screenshot tells the story.  Someone who doesn’t know the Bible has superimposed their idiotic Christian Zionist mentality onto it and then piled that nonsense onto the poo of politics.  It’s a theological catastrophe which is also a certain finalist for the Dilly Award.

First, there’s no verse in the Bible that says if you don’t stand with Israel you’ll be destroyed.  If that were true each and every prophet of ancient Israel who’s words we have would be burning in hell because they regularly lambasted Israel for its evil.  Second, anyone who ‘believes in’ the Bible is an idolater.  We Christians believe in God alone!  We may believe what the bible says but we don’t believe IN it.

Bloody pagan.


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Hell Can’t Burn Hot Enough…

For a ‘person’ who does what this ‘mother’ does to children.

A building that once housed a daycare center and later became a “swingers’ club” in Mineola, Texas turned into a house of horrors for four children who were forced to perform sex acts on others and each other.  Shauntel Mayo, 29, the ringleader of this unthinkable abuse, made her three kids (then age 5, 6, and 7) and her own 6-year-old baby sister perform sex acts if they wanted dinner. “The unthinkable,” said Smith County assistant district attorney Joe Murphy. “She had her kids have sex with each other and taught them to masturbate. She taught them how to strip. She withheld food from them. All so she could make money.”

Via Joel. As always my compassion and sympathy is reserved for the victims.  The adults who did this aren’t deserving of anything.  And if the mennonite and his ilk want to be warm and fuzzy towards her, they are welcome to.  For my part, hell can’t burn hot enough for this creature.


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Hey Republicans, Those Corporations You Pant After Like Horses in Heat? They Don’t Love you, Or America

It’s constantly amusing to watch the Republicans and Tea People constantly boast about American companies when we all know those very companies are firing Americans at their factories and businesses here and hiring foreigners at their overseas operations.

Large U.S. companies increasingly hire abroad and fire in America, according to new government data.  In the last decade, American multinational corporations, which together employ one-fifth of all U.S. workers, decreased domestic employment by 2.9 million workers while adding 2.4 million jobs overseas, the Commerce Department reported on Monday.  In 2009, a devastating year for the global economy, U.S. multinational companies’ worldwide employment shrunk by 4.1 percent to 31.3 million workers. But the cuts were much sharper at home than abroad. Domestic employment by the same companies shrunk by 5.3 percent, leaving 21.1 million with jobs, while their overseas counterparts lost 1.5 percent of their workforce, with 10.3 million still employed.

Yes, politicians, those companies you’re panting after like horses in heat don’t love you or America as much as they love large profit margins.  I bet you feel stupid now don’t you.  You’ve been used by the multinationals for their own purposes and tossed aside like a sailor tosses aside a used trollop on shore leave.  Sort of the same way you toss aside the people who vote for you.  What goes around, comes around.

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Don’t Count the Zombies Dead Yet, Maddow

It’s much too early to count the tea people’s party of the republic of insanity dead and buried.  Zombies are always returning in ever more grotesque form.  Ms Maddow may need to hold off on the ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner she’s waving.

The Tea Party held its annual Tax Day rallies this week, and not that many people showed up. In 2009, the Tea Party turned out tens of thousands. This year, crowds of a few hundred, or a few dozen, or even just a dozen. “Judging by their public events — which is what we used to judge them by when we said they were strong — the Tea Party seems to have peaked,” Rachel said on the show. “It seems to be over. Someone please tell the Beltway press.”

Too soon for a party.  The zombies have to be beheaded.  You can’t just chew off their legs and call it a victory.

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If They Were Outlawing Cats, I’d Move to Iran

Oh those crazy Iranians with their crazy little 3 foot tall Hitler-esque dictator lunatic

For much of the past decade, the Iranian government has tolerated what it considers a particularly depraved and un-Islamic vice: the keeping of pet dogs.  During periodic crackdowns, police have confiscated dogs from their owners right off the street; and state media has lectured Iranians on the diseases spread by canines. The cleric Gholamreza Hassani, from the city of Urmia, has been satirized for his sermons railing against “short-legged” and “holdable” dogs. But as with the policing of many other practices (like imbibing alcoholic drinks) that are deemed impure by the mullahs but perfectly fine to many Iranians, the state has eventually relaxed and let dog lovers be.  Those days of tacit acceptance may soon be over, however. Lawmakers in Tehran have recently proposed a bill in parliament that would criminalize dog ownership, formally enshrining its punishment within the country’s Islamic penal code.

If only they were outlawing cats… I’d move to Iran.  I’m sure they could use my considerable talents there.

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The Struggle

While reading Jeremiah in preparation for today’s Midday Bible Study I arrived at the portion we’re going to cover and it reminded me that ever since people have been preaching (or as I call it, ‘plowing the sea’), there has been discouragement and disillusionment.  There’s just nothing worse than preaching your heart out without results or preaching to people who attend regularly but who nonetheless ignore everything that they have been taught or that they’ve heard.

Indeed, Jeremiah knew the feeling very well and expressed his opinion about the subject to God.

11 Have I not genuinely done my best to serve you, Yahweh? Have I not interceded with you in time of disaster and distress [preaching your word constantly, for example] – 12 ‘Can iron break the iron of the north and the bronze? 13 Your wealth and your treasures I shall hand over to plunder, without repayment, because of all your sins, throughout your territory. 14 I shall enslave you to your enemies in a country which you do not know, for my anger has kindled a fire that will burn you up.’

15 Yahweh, you know! Remember me, take care of me, and avenge me on my persecutors. However long your anger endures, do not snatch me away. Realise that I suffer insult for your sake. 16 When your words came, I devoured them: your word was my delight and the joy of my heart; for I was called by your Name, Yahweh, God Sabaoth.

17 I never sat in the company of scoffers amusing myself; with your hands on me I held myself aloof, since you had filled me with indignation.

18 Why is my suffering continual, my wound incurable, refusing to be healed? Truly, for me you are a deceptive stream with uncertain waters!

19 To which Yahweh replied, ‘If you repent, I shall restore you to plead before me. If you distinguish between the precious and the base, you shall be as my own mouth. They will come back to you, but you must not go back to them. 20 As far as these people are concerned, I shall make you a fortified wall of bronze. They will fight against you but will not overcome you, because I am with you to save you and rescue you, Yahweh declares. 21 I shall rescue you from the clutches of the wicked and redeem you from the grasp of the violent.’ (Jer 15:11-21)

Jeremiah complained and God summoned him to steadfastness.  One can either be steadfast or one can quit.  Sometimes it’s impossible to decide which is best.


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Scott Bailey Hates Easter

And he hates you too. Or he wouldn’t want your head to explode at the stupidity on the video. Shame on Scott Bailey. (Oh, and have you noticed that SB is BS backwards? That means Scott is the opposite of BS (Biblical Studies!)

I think we should all boycott Scott. I for one vow right now that I won’t read one more post from him until it appears online or on the feed reader.

Invite these two girls and allow them to perform this travesty: Wow. As if performing this in one location wasnt enough punishment on humanity… … Read More

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News I Hope You CAN’T Use…

But given the way people are today- even Christian people who should know better and practice moral behavior- and given that I’ve seen too much to be surprised by anything at all anymore, I pass along this bit of info which I regrettably think more than a few of you need to know.

Ironically, April is both Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Awareness month as well as Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness month. Many people don’t even realize how these two diseases are linked and how they both pose a serious health risk, especially for our adolescent boys.  As far as STDs, according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), even though only a quarter of the sexually active population is made up of people age 15 to 24, this group comprises almost half of the newly diagnosed 19 million STD cases each year.

Idiots.  Immoral live-for-the-pleasure-of-the-moment-alone shortsighted self absorbed unthinking idiots.  I suppose it’s not too much to say that every teen and twenty something in the country needs to be tested for STD’s.  No one, it seems, is familiar with the notion of sexual purity and marital fidelity.  Idiots.  Sex isn’t worth dying for.  Idiots.

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In Memoriam Philip Melanchthon

Today marks the anniversary of the death of Philip Melanchthon.  Here’s a nicely written essay.  Enjoy.  And remember to read a bit of Melanchthon today.


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Lying Has Become an Art Form for the Rich

NPR carried a fascinating report this morning about lying and liars.  America has become a place where dishonesty pays and that’s a crying shame.

Lying in politics is hardly a new game, but do people these days lie more than in the past? Author James B. Stewart asks this question in his new book, Tangled Webs, which describes what Stewart calls a surge of concerted, deliberate lying by people at the top of their fields, like Martha Stewart, Bernie Madoff, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby and Barry Bonds.

Stewart admits in his book that he can’t prove with statistics how much lying and perjury happens, but instead gathers anecdotal evidence from people like prosecutors who view it as an epidemic to the point where they come into work expecting to be lied to day after day. But whether or not it’s a quantifiable rise, Stewart says the trend of high-profile cases where the defendant ends up charged not for the original crime but for perjury sends a negative message to the U.S. justice system and the rest of the world.

Liars are all around us.  From lying children to lying employers to lying employees.  Politicians, doctors, lawyers, they’ve all become nothing more than used car salesmen shilling their useless cars off on an unsuspecting and gullible public.  Thievery and deception go hand in hand, which is why America has lost it’s way and is basically and essentially doomed.


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Time’s Running Out!!!!

There’s only a few hours left before the Sacred Clippings from the Nails of St Wright auction is over.  That’s right, now you can own an actual piece of the Saint and cuddle with it and burn candles to it and treat it like you do the other relics in your collection.  And it’s only available here!

This wonderful collector’s item is certified authentic by the Church of NT Wright of Upper Slovenia and is a fragment of the clippings from the sacred saint’s pinky finger (left hand).  And it can be yours for a paltry $666.66.  Reserve your clippings now.

Coming soon, clippings from the Saint’s nose hair and beard!  You’ll want to begin saving up now for your very own snippings.  May Wright be praised!


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NT Wright Just Can’t Get Enough…

Of himself. So he’s doing his own translation of the New Testament. I’m sure that in the artwork it will be his face covering the body of Jesus on the cross. After all, his followers are indeed washed in the blood of NT Wright.

Next up, the NT Wright Eucharist and the NT Wright altar at the front of the NT Wright church where the worshipers of NT Wright will bring their copies of his ‘Jesus oh um I Mean NT Wright and the People of God’ and read from them in unison. Then of course at the NT Wright Church of Universal Misrepresentation of the Theology of the Reformation, all copies of Luther will be banned (so that none of NT Wright’s followers accidentally actually read Luther! Can’t have that happening… can’t run that risk!).

[Ghastly arrogance isn’t it to imagine that his one brain is better than all those who work as translators on committees and whose work is reviewed and refined.]

[Oh don’t bother to comment, Wrightians. Comments are turned off just so that you can’t vent your adoration of your god here].


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Joe Zias- ‘More Amazing Dis-Grace- The JESUS NAILS: The Naked Truth vs. The Naked Archaeologist’

Editorial Note: The following essay was written by Zias and sent along for your consideration. The Jacobovici ‘special’ on the ridiculously named ‘Jesus Nails’ is set to air Wednesday, April 20th, at 11 PM. Before you view it, you should certainly read Zias’ exposé.


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