More Kiwi Total Depravity… And She’s Old!

File this under “how stupid can you be?” of the day: Two women are facing drug possession charges after one was caught with marijuana in her bra. OK that’s bad but the reason the marijuana was found was that it was wrapped in foil, which set off the metal detectors at the New Zealand airport where they were attempting to board their flight.   The women, from Christchurch, New Zealand were apprehended at the country’s Queenstown Airport after repeatedly setting off metal detectors.  One woman, age 52, had 50 grams of marijuana dispersed throughout 28 individually foil-wrapped packets hidden in her bra, the “Southland Times” reports.

She’s been spending too much time with the Hobbins (shoot, typo) Hobbits.

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2 Responses to More Kiwi Total Depravity… And She’s Old!

  1. Doug says:

    evil criminal geniuses these two aren’t.


  2. Oh you think they were stupid; apparently they planned to get caught. They were sent to prison-to their delight. There was more hidden stash they then used to restock the prison coffers. Dont ask me how every one missed that!


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