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Now That Takes the Cake…

Just in case society isn’t shallow enough, now we can festoon our babies with clothing designed to let them know that looks are everything.

Is Eric Cantor More Interested in Protecting Israel’s Interests than America’s?

Or to state it otherwise, does Eric Cantor work for Israel or the people of the United States?  It seems the former.

Leave it to House majority leader Eric Cantor (R-VA). With president Barack Obama expected to deliver a major speech outlining a new (or, at least, revised) Middle East peace strategy soon, Cantor decided it as time to invite Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu to deliver a speech before a joint session of Congress.  This is one of the benefits of having a Republican House at the same time that a Likud prime minister is in office in Israel: the two right-wing parties can work together to thwart any Democratic president’s attempt to advance US national security by brokering Middle East peace.  The last time this happened was in the 1990s, when Bill Clinton was president. Newt Gingrich was speaker, and the self-same Netanyahu was Israel’s prime minister.

Cantor is Israel’s man in Washington and not America’s.

In a statement issued by his office following a meeting with Netanyahu, Cantor made his position clear: “Eric stressed that the new Republican majority will serve as a check up on the administration and what has been, up until this point, a one party rule in Washington.” Reporting on the Cantor statement, Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) correspondent Ron Kampeas wrote, “I can’t remember an opposition leader telling a foreign leader, in a personal meeting, that he would side, as a policy, with that leader against the president.” [Emphasis mine].

Fascinating isn’t it, that an elected official loves another country more than his own.

A Giant 7 Part Review of M. Casey’s ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ – Part 1

Here it is: the first part of a seven-part review of Maurice Casey’s Jesus of Nazareth: An Independent Historian’s Account of His Life and Teaching.  Each part to appear daily over Holy Week, and deals especially with the twelfth and final chapter, “Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?”
Be sure to give it a look.  It’s sure to be better than anything NatGeo or Discovery Channel have to peddle this week.  More about the book can be discovered here.

Matthew Kalman on Vittorio Arrigoni

Vittorio Arrigoni’s middle name was Utopia, yet he chose to spend most of the past three years in the hell of Gaza, acting as a human shield for Palestinian fishermen harassed by the Israeli navy and reporting to a worldwide audience.

With much more.  A fine read.

The Whole Testimony of Scripture

It seems that it’s becoming more commonplace for people to try to boil the message of the Bible down to a ‘soundbite’.   Folk are looking to squeeze the essence of the Bible into a few drops.  But this is a mistake.  A grand mistake.

As I once told a church member, who insisted that the only thing we need to know is that we’re sinners and that Jesus died for us, if all God wanted us to know was John 3:16 that’s all he would have told us.

The whole testimony of scripture is meaningful.  The Marcionites and the ‘canon within a canon-ers’ and the ‘boil the bible down till there’s nothing left but a core of what I like best-ers’ are all wrong.  Woefully, sadly, and heretically wrong.

Islam a Religion of Peace? That’s a Tad Hard to Believe- Muslims Attack a Christian Village

Stephen has the repulsive details. It’s harder and harder to believe that the radicals among Muslims aren’t in fact the voice of the majority. The silent majority which stands by while these kinds of things happen.

Muslims Attack a Christian Village Living as a Christian in an Islamic state is nothing short of horrendous: The attack took place this morning in Khokarki, near the city of Gujranwala. Hundreds of Christians forced to flee their homes. Attack sparked by quarrel with Christian, his son and some Muslims, over false accusation of blasphemy. The two Christians held at the local police station. Hundreds of Muslims attacked the Christian village of Khokarki this morning a few miles fro … Read More

via Fr Stephens Blog

A Day at Earth Fair

We went today to the Knoxville Earth Fair and it was really pretty cool.  Alternative energy cars, ‘green’ companies, and of course some food.  And by the way, the blue Tesla is my next great car…

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It’s Hard to Stay Awake Sometimes…

The Federal Aviation Authority suspended Saturday yet another air traffic controller for sleeping on the job, the seventh apparent incident this year that the agency has disclosed. The incident occurred at the Miami Air Route Traffic Control Center during the midnight shift early Saturday morning, two days before the FAA is expected to conduct meetings on air traffic control safety and professionalism, the FAA reported.

We all get tired. But most of us don’t fall asleep on the job especially when other people’s lives are at stake.  I wonder how these chaps would feel if their surgeon nodded off while he was performing brain surgery on them…

‘Get a Room’

I object to all public displays of affection (PDA) and I don’t care if it’s gay folk or old folk or teens or middle aged folk or anyone else.  I don’t want to see your most intimate moments.  I’m not interested.  So stop all such PDAs, all of you.

And, while I’m at it, I don’t want to see moms breastfeeding their kids or toddlers or preteens either.  I don’t want to see any other sorts of bodily ‘natural’ functions quite frankly so while many say that ‘breast feeding is natural’ (and it certainly is), so is poo and pee and there’s no way it’s normal for folk to do those in public.

Private matters belong in private.  As far as I’m concerned PDAs are just exhibitionism.  And I don’t appreciate it.  It’s. Just. Gross.  Take it to your private place and stop acting like you’re awesome and cool because you want to put your flesh on display.

Go ahead, lie and tell me that doesn't make you want to vomit

Four Years Ago Today

A gun toting lunatic slaughtered over 30 people at Virginia Tech.  And the school is still struggling with the fallout.

Four years after a troubled student gunned down 32 in a campus rampage, Virginia Tech officials remain adamant that they did nothing wrong by waiting two hours to warn the campus that a gunman was on the loose.  On Saturday, the school will mourn the victims of the April 16, 2007 mass shooting — the worst in modern U.S. history — with a 3.2-mile Run for Remembrance and a candlelight vigil. Meanwhile, school officials are strongly leaning toward appealing a $55,000 fine for violating federal law with its response the day of the shootings. They have until April 29 to decide.  Many victims’ families say the school can’t simultaneously mourn the tragedy and deny its mistakes.  “Truth, accountability, apology, forgiveness — you have to get through the first three to get to the fourth,” said Joseph Samaha, whose daughter Reema was killed. “Somebody needs to say “I made a mistake.'”

So sad and it continues and will forever be so.  Because completely avoidable and preventable.

The Best Hymn Ever Written

Is this one.  It is, truly, the best melodically and theologically.  Especially the penultimate stanza-

Und wenn die Welt voll Teufel wär
Und wollt uns gar verschlingen,
So fürchten wir uns nicht so sehr,
Es soll uns doch gelingen.
Der Fürst dieser Welt,
Wie saur er sich stellt,
Tut er uns doch nicht,
Das macht, er ist gericht’,
Ein Wörtlein kann ihn fällen.

Friday Was an Astonishing Day Here in the South

There were an amazing and shocking 98 tornadoes on Friday, according to the Weather Channel!

Supercell thunderstorms erupted over portions of the South, particularly Alabama and Mississippi, on Friday. These storms produced around 98 tornado reports, which is easily the most in a day so far in 2011.   Major damage hit multiple towns including near Jackson, Miss., in the town of Clinton. The Tuscaloosa, Ala. area was also hit with significant damage.   Full story: Deady storms Thursday-Friday

We didn’t get any damaging winds here but in the last 24 hours we’ve received 4.1″ of rain.  If you still don’t think global warming and climate change are real, come on down here:  the climate is definitely changing.

A Shocking Admission: Jeremy Thompson Caught on Audio

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Alway's Listening

Jeremy attended a Catholic conference last week and the mic was live – though he didn’t know it – when he said

It’s true, I know that our blog will never be better than #2, but I can’t tell anyone else that. It would ruin us.

This audio was sent to me by one of my sources. So the President isn’t the only one who tells the truth unknowing when a mic is hot.