I’d Be More Than Miffed…

And I have a high temperature most of the time anyway so I’m never really all that far from boiling.  So if a teacher did this to my child the apocalypse would break out for the ‘educator’ involved.

Sevier County primary school teacher Theresa Ward has been suspended after she was charged with the child abuse of one of her students.  Ward, who teaches second grade at Northview Primary, is accused of making a student who soiled himself during recess come back into class and sit without changing his shorts.  The mother of the student reported the April 4 incident to school administrators the next day.  According to a sheriff’s office report, the boy asked Ward to let him come in early from recess to use the bathroom, but Ward said no.

Completely unacceptable.  I would be in the Superintendent’s office until she were fired.  Period.

When Rachel (our daughter) was little she attended pre school (at the age of 3) and one day I was in the observation room and saw the ‘teacher’ grab her face and firmly shake her and it wasn’t half a second before I entered the room, picked Rachel up, and walked to the principles office.  I described what had happened and said ‘if she’s here tomorrow, we won’t be back.  Ever.’  The principle said ‘no need to worry, she won’t be here tomorrow’.  The trollopy abuser was dismissed that afternoon.

A few weeks later I dropped Rachel off and when I went outside there was a car running, a baby was in the car seat, no adults were around and I was extremely unhappy about a child being left unattended in a running car.  Anything could have happened.  So I went back in and told the Principle about it.  As we went out the ‘mother’ was getting back into her car.  I walked over to her and said ‘if I ever see your baby alone in the car again I will call the cops and report you.’  She got redfaced and flustered and the Principle said ‘it is against the law to leave children unattended in vehicles.  If he doesn’t report you, I will.’

All of which is to say, I can tolerate a lot.  But I can’t and won’t tolerate people mistreating or endangering children.  I just won’t.  If my child were caused to sit in her own poo, I would carve out a pound of flesh.

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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  1. Doug says:

    I think you did exactly what you needed to do with your daughter’s preschool. That sort of thing is terrible. Leaving a child in the car with it running, just seems stupid to me. Why do you need to leave it running, for heat in the winter? If you are going in side for a period of time that the car will get cold, then you should take the kids inside with you. But, if you just ran in to pay for gas, I think that is fine (but would not leave the car running).


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