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The Royal Wedding Video…

Yes, sure, it hasn’t happened yet.  But still, here you go if you didn’t (or won’t) ‘get’ to watch it…

Joel Watts Exposed…

As the Bieber-Fevered West Virginian he really is.  But don’t take my word for it.  See the photographic proof for yourself!

Inside the Walls of Nehemiah’s Jerusalem: Naboth’s Vineyard

That’s the title of a tremendously interesting essay in The Fire Signals of Lachish by Ernst Axel Knauf in which he argues that the story of Naboth’s vineyard comes from the period of Nehemiah.  Indeed, Knauf opines that the period of Nehemiah is the only one that makes sense.

It’s really quite persuasive, so I commend it to your attention.

Indeed, the essays I’ve read so far in the collection are really quite good.  Next I’ll give Eric Cline’s ‘Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On’ a read.  The title promises much and Eric is sure to deliver.

I Love You Too Sheffield KJV People…

‘Endless and entertaining diversion’, that’s just what blogs are for (along with instant rebuttal of idiotic claims by pseudo-archaeologists and other dilettantes)!   Serious stuff (in general) belongs in published form. But I’ve always said that. So thanks, Sheffield. Love your work too.

What’s Facebook Trying to Tell Me?

This FB ad has been cropping up every once in a while on FB…  I wonder if they know something I don’t…

I’d Be More Than Miffed…

And I have a high temperature most of the time anyway so I’m never really all that far from boiling.  So if a teacher did this to my child the apocalypse would break out for the ‘educator’ involved.

Sevier County primary school teacher Theresa Ward has been suspended after she was charged with the child abuse of one of her students.  Ward, who teaches second grade at Northview Primary, is accused of making a student who soiled himself during recess come back into class and sit without changing his shorts.  The mother of the student reported the April 4 incident to school administrators the next day.  According to a sheriff’s office report, the boy asked Ward to let him come in early from recess to use the bathroom, but Ward said no.

Completely unacceptable.  I would be in the Superintendent’s office until she were fired.  Period.

When Rachel (our daughter) was little she attended pre school (at the age of 3) and one day I was in the observation room and saw the ‘teacher’ grab her face and firmly shake her and it wasn’t half a second before I entered the room, picked Rachel up, and walked to the principles office.  I described what had happened and said ‘if she’s here tomorrow, we won’t be back.  Ever.’  The principle said ‘no need to worry, she won’t be here tomorrow’.  The trollopy abuser was dismissed that afternoon.

A few weeks later I dropped Rachel off and when I went outside there was a car running, a baby was in the car seat, no adults were around and I was extremely unhappy about a child being left unattended in a running car.  Anything could have happened.  So I went back in and told the Principle about it.  As we went out the ‘mother’ was getting back into her car.  I walked over to her and said ‘if I ever see your baby alone in the car again I will call the cops and report you.’  She got redfaced and flustered and the Principle said ‘it is against the law to leave children unattended in vehicles.  If he doesn’t report you, I will.’

All of which is to say, I can tolerate a lot.  But I can’t and won’t tolerate people mistreating or endangering children.  I just won’t.  If my child were caused to sit in her own poo, I would carve out a pound of flesh.

It Wasn’t The Milk That Got Him in Trouble…

It was his own pernicious personality.

He may not have cried, but a 12-year-old boy in Valparaiso, Indiana was handcuffed and charged with resisting law enforcement over spilled milk.  The boy, a student at Ben Franklin Middle School, reportedly started yelling at a staff member who asked him to clean up milk he spilled in the school cafeteria during lunch. The principal and assistant principal, who usually monitor lunchtime, were in meetings, the Chicago Sun-Times reports, so the school’s police officer was in charge instead.  When the officer approached the boy to settle him down, he defied the officer’s request to sit down and stop yelling. The officer then tried to bring him down to the principal’s office, but he struggled and eventually fled, as the Northwest Indiana Times writes.

What’s with kids these days?  They have no respect for anyone- including themselves.

Total Depravity: The German Pedophile and Serial Killer

According to The Telegraph

A German “serial killer” confessed after nearly 20 years on the run to murdering three boys, police said on Friday as they attempted to link him to further slayings in France and the Netherlands. The 40-year-old German known as the “masked man”, who had worked as a youth group leader and had already been questioned in the case four years ago, admitted to killing boys aged eight, nine and 13 between 1992 and 2001. He also confessed to sexually abusing “several” minors. Police suspect him in more than 40 cases. “Neighbours described him as socially inconspicuous, nice, helpful, neatly dressed, reserved and intelligent,” chief profiler Alexander Horn told reporters. The man, who was not identified, told investigators after his detention on Wednesday in Hamburg, northern Germany, that he drove one of his victims to Denmark and buried his body in a sand dune.

Youth group leader huh… Appalling.  Fear not, though, admitted serial killer- the mennonite will defend your actions no matter how heinous.

Thomas Thompson: On Critical Scholarship

Thomas’s essay has appeared at Bible and Interpretation.  It’s a very fine piece and worth reading for sure.  The abstract asserts

The exchange between Niels Peter Lemche and Hector Avalos underlines the concern which many of us have biblical studies has had with critical studies. The self-censorship which governs the individual imagination of the believer also plays an at times prevailing role in the systematic mobbing with which so many professional scholars and university institutions influence our field by defining the limits of acceptability for the public expression of our critical thought. While this censorship is most apparently and egregiously related to perceived threats which such thought might pose for “faith,” such mobbing is also encouraged by political goals which are directly supported or threatened by religious traditions. The following account is motivated by hopes of greater openness and honesty in our scholarship. It was written in the course of responding to a request from the editor, Mark Elliott, that I expand on and clarify the conflicts and debates, which had surrounded the acceptance and publication of my dissertation. The account is personal and deeply rooted in memory. Its objectivity is limited by that perspective and, of course, the feelings associated with it. It is offered as but a single example of a still chronic problem faced by many critical scholars, a problem which, over the past 50 years has hardly ever been addressed by the universities, let alone such societies as the Catholic Biblical Association, the Society of Biblical Literature or the American Schools of Oriental Research, which, nevertheless, have occasionally claimed dedication to critical research.

Enjoy it all.

The Events of Holy Week

This is actually pretty cool. I think I’ll share it with the church.

Holy Week Timeline Visualization Click to enlarge. Also available in pdf here. This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday, which begins Holy Week (or Passion Week)—the week that commemorates Jesus’ death and resurrection. Here’s a new visualization we created that harmonizes the four Gospel accounts of Holy Week and lets you examine the “who,” “what,” and “where” of events leading up to and through Easter. Follow the lines in the chart to see at a glance what people were doing, where the … Read More

via Fr Stephens Blog

Answering Your Letters

This one comes from someone named ‘Bob’

Hey Jim,

I have what might seem a strange question.  What do you look like?  You don’t have a photo on your page and I’m just curious because I like to put a name with a face.



Well Bob, since you asked- here’s the latest photo I have of myself:

And yes, I always have a book in my hand and the Holy Spirit hovering over my shoulder (visibly represented by the Dove, which the camera which took this picture actually picked up!)

Quote of the Day

„Das jüdische Palästina war keine hermetisch abgeschlossene Insel im Meer des hellenistisch-orientalischen Synkretismus.“ — Martin Hengel

Did Israel Kill the Italian Activist Vittorio Arrigoni?

I hope not.  But it’s a question presently being raised.  If I’m being honest (as Simon Cowell says), the thought actually did cross my mind when I heard of his capture and murder.  Especially given the fact that he was an untiring advocate of the Palestinians.

Hamas indirectly accused Israel on Friday of engineering the killing of an Italian Palestinian peace activist in Gaza in order to intimidate other foreign activists hoping to sail to Gaza as part of the next flotilla.  “Such an awful crime cannot take place without arrangements between all the parties concerned to keep the blockade imposed on Gaza,” Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said at a rally held by the group to honor executed Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni.

So it seems to me there are two possibilities here:

1- Israel arranged the capture and murder of someone it saw as a political threat.  Or
2- Some fragment of Palestinians captured and murdered him so that it would appear that Israel was behind it in order to stir passions.

The sad thing is, in the twisted and convoluted world of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, either possibility is in fact a possibility. So which is true?  Frankly I hope 2 is. 1, well that would just mean that someone or some group in Israel is as vile as any Al Qaeda terrorist cell.

Joel Watts has Abandoned True Christianity and Crossed the Tiber!

I was afraid this would happen.  All that time he’s been spending hanging around Jeremy Thompson and Robert Wilson.  It was just inevitable that he would take a liking to all that Roman pomp and circumstance.

The just deserved fate of all heretics

Let’s all mourn his abandonment of authentic Christianity as he, like the half tribe of Manesseh, has abandoned the Promised Land of Protestantism for the Roman Edomite territory of Trans-Jordan-across-the-Tiber.

Rest in peace, Joel… rest in peace.

With Many Thanks to NT Wrong: The ‘Dilly Award!’

I’m happy to announce that every Friday I’ll be giving an award to the most dilettantish person of the week.  The good Bishop Wrong was kind enough to make a graphic of the Award which, this week, goes to none other than Simcha Jacobovici for his unfailing efforts to make other dilettantes in the fields of biblical studies and biblical archaeology look like veritable Rhodes Scholars!

Congratulations, Simcha, keep up the good work!  And yes, you are free to put the award right next to your others…

So How Did Your Reps Vote on the 2011 Budget

The Washington Post has the list of yes and no votes.  Surprisingly, my Representative, Scott Desjarlais, voted yes (and it surprises me because I didn’t actually expect he would).  See what yours did so you can decide whether or not to fire off a letter.

The Zahi Hawass Clothing Line? You’ve Got to be Kidding

ZAHI HAWASS is an eponymous menswear line developed by Lora Flaugh, President and Founder of Art Zulu, and leading Egyptologist Zahi Hawass that seeks to capture the spirit of a man with a very rich personal history.

This is very bad.  Next thing you know, Simcha will see the news and decide that he has to have his own clothing line as well.  But wait, come to think of it, if it gets him off the tv and out of archaeologist’s business, maybe it would be a good thing.

It Must Be Getting Warm in Florida…

The brains of some are beginning to bake down there, again.

Osceola County school board member Cindy Hartig is under investigation for allegedly bullying school officials to change her daughter’s grades. She’s accused of trying to force a Liberty High School teacher and principal to change her daughter’s math grade from a “B” to an “A.”

Hartig claims resident Cyndi Pauley posted false information about the grade change online. She denies the charges and has filed suit against Pauley. Hartig also filed a defamation suit against fellow board member Jay Wheeler. That suit claims Wheeler called her a liar and mentally ill. It also says Wheeler sent emails related to her daughter’s grade.

I can see it.  Lot’s of parents make the mistake of thinking their children are smarter than they actually are.  And some parents are more than happy to threaten physical violence to ensure that their little precious learns the lesson that violence solves all problems…

So, yeah, as distasteful and reprehensible as her purported behavior is, it’s 100% believable.

I Wish I Had 255,000 Euro

Martin Luther

Cranky Luther

If I did, I could have purchased a manuscript of Luther’s Kurzes Bekenntnis vom Heilingen Sakrament.   Bresciaoggi is reporting

La copia inedita di uno degli ultimi scritti del teologo tedesco Martin Lutero (1483-1546), padre della Riforma protestante, redatta due anni prima della morte, è stata venduta a Parigi a 254.575 euro. Lo ha annunciato la casa d’aste, Piasa. Si tratta di una copia di una lettera inviata ad un amico, “Kurzes Bekenntnis vom Heilingen Sakrament”, un manoscritto autografo di due pagine firmate in testa “D M Luther an einen guten Freund” (1544).

Oh I want it!

Nel documento il monaco tedesco se la prende violentemente con il teologo Ulrich Zwingli e i suoi discepoli, che denuncia come eretici e posseduti dal diavolo. La copia, che era conservata preziosamente in una collezione privata dalla metà del XIXesimo secolo, presenta delle importanti differenze con il testo pubblicato.

Now that’s interesting!!!!!  I wonder what the differences are, exactly…  With thanks to Antonio for the heads up.

I Don’t Ever Want to Live in Georgia, It’s Too Dangerous There, and a tad Creepy

Here is a list of recent doings down in the (rotten?) peach state-

I suspect it has something to do with Newt Gingrich living there. Or, perhaps, the people there elected him in the first place because there’s something seriously wrong with them… Hmmm….