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It’s Helpful to Read the Preface

For example, there’s a little snippet in the Preface to Sirach that folk who are students of the Bible really ought to pay attention to: οὐ μικρὰν ἔχει τὴν διαφορὰν ἐν ἑαυτοῖς λεγόμενα (Prologue to Sirach 26). What’s he on … Continue reading

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You Can’t Make up Ignorant Dilettantism Like That!

Christian Brady has discovered (or been tortured with) the absolutely most dilettantish bit of ignorance concerning the Bible I think I have ever seen outside Hal Lindsay and Tim LaHaye!  And that’s saying something. Christian writes Ms. Diana deRegneir admits … Continue reading

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Sometimes Repentance Comes Too Late

ABC News is reporting A woman who drove her minivan into the frigid waters of the Hudson River killing herself and her three small children changed her mind at the last minute, throwing the car into reverse and admitting her mistake to … Continue reading

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California May Require Students to Learn ‘Gay History’

California… you are the Texas west of the Rockies.  (And by that I mean just as insane). Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people would be added to the lengthy list of social and ethnic groups that public schools must include … Continue reading

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This Will Make you Roll Your Eyes…

More Qurans were inadvertently burned during recent Afghan protests than by the US pastor Terry Jones. Spiritual leaders in Kandahar called a meeting to teach Afghans how to channel their passions peacefully. Yeah there’s an idea. Instead of killing people … Continue reading

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Guaranteed Worst Easter Idea This Year (via Scotteriology)

Scott’s right, any ‘church’ that tries to adopt a Charlie Sheen-ism as its Easter motto is pandering in the most depraved and imbecilic way to culture. It’s sickening. Literally sickening.  And angering. I have seen a lot of stupid in … Continue reading

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Ghastly Sorrow

This is a truly devastating tale.  Sophie Taylor, the 16-year-old girlfriend of gamekeeper Calum Murray, 18, was accidentally killed as her boyfriend’s gun went off as he was cleaning it. The accident was so devasting, that Murray reportedly killed himself … Continue reading

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Let the Stupidity Commence

If people won’t attend your Church because they are drawn there by their love of God, perhaps you can bribe them into loving God with food designed to make them obese. Hope Church is offering to deliver free, warm cinnamon … Continue reading

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The Longest Goal!

Manchester United needs this kid.

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Quote of the Week

simcha jacobovici is the generic kardashian sister of biblical archaeology: he’ll do anything for a camera’s attention, even if it makes no sense. — Robert Cargill [Maybe we should start calling him Simcha Kardashian.]

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More Senseless Gun Violence

The fatal shooting of an 18-year-old Bolivar teen by his twin brother is described as accidental.  Jeremy Williams was struck in the head by a bullet fired from a .380 caliber pistol in his home.  He was airlifted to the … Continue reading

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Another Dilettantish ‘Youth Pastor’

Oh my. This one is a combination of biblical ignorance of biblical proportions and exegesis that would make the worst exegete of the Middle Ages blush with shame on the guy’s behalf. Youth Pastors, seriously, if you don’t know what … Continue reading

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Man Watching Porn Catches Fire (via Fr Stephen’s Blog)

Seems fitting quite frankly. If you’re burning with lust, the other sort of burning isn’t at all that odd. CBS News reports out of San Francisco: A man was hospitalized Wednesday evening with life-threatening, third-degree burns after catching fire inside a … Continue reading

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Silly Simcha Strikes Back

Apparently Simcha Jacobovici actually believes his own hype and thinks that archaeologists are not taking his idiotic theory about finding the ‘nails of Jesus’ seriously. How sad. But expected. Listen to this- The Israeli who claims to have identified two … Continue reading

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The Czech President: The World’s Worst Thief

Poor guy. He needs some pointers from the mennonite.

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Why I’m Voting for Rick Santorum in 2012

Do you remember when you were a kid and you’d get a scrapped knee and your mom would rub alcohol on it and then drip lemon juice into it and then take sandpaper and smooth it down and then spray … Continue reading

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What Really Happens When the Senate ‘Scolds’ Their Corporate Lords?

As when, for instance, the Senate ‘scolds’ Goldman Sachs (that paragon of perversity) here’s what goes on behind the scenes: -Angry constituents contact their Senators about being fed up with Corporate greed. -A day before the scolding a Senate aid … Continue reading

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I Love my Daughter…

And can’t imagine mistreating her for any reason ever.  Ever.  I don’t know any real parent who would hurt their children.  Which is why stories like this mystify me so and make my blood really boil. A bird-like cry came … Continue reading

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NPR’s Take on the Pink Toenail Controversy

On FB NPR remarks We might be a little late to this controversy but the uproar over a boy’s pink toenails has inspired a lot of talk … here’s one smart take and a toe-te bag to anyone who can … Continue reading

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The Bible Whoops Justin Bieber, ‘Lady’ Gag(alot), and Manchester United

From the German Bible Society FB page- Mark Brown, founder of the Facebook Bible page, shares the news that the Bible page has beaten Justin Bieber, Manchester United and Lady Gaga to be the page with most interactions this week. … Continue reading

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