They Watched their Mom Die, and Did Nothing About It

And then they let the corpse rot where it lie, for three months!  Guess where they’re from?!?!?!  If you guessed Texas, you’re right!

Identical twins Edwin and Edward Berndt, Houston, Texas, were really busy watching the NCAA championships when their elderly mother Sybil slipped and fell, so they certainly couldn’t be expected to help her up that evening. Nor could they give her a hand on the following three days, when she was alive, and talking and stuck on the floor. You see, explained Edward, the brothers left her there because they couldn’t afford an ambulance, or a burial—even though investigators found receipts for more than $700,000 in their bank account.

Yup, they were watching a game, she came in and fell, and they let her lie there for three days until she expired.  And then they left her body in the same spot…   The most depraved thing I think I’ve ever seen.

2 thoughts on “They Watched their Mom Die, and Did Nothing About It

  1. Helena Constantine 13 Apr 2011 at 4:28 pm

    Killing everyone on earth (especially the infants and toddlers) in a global flood, and then torturing the victims forever in hell might be more depraved. But the real question is, where could those 2 have gotten $700,000?


    • Jim 13 Apr 2011 at 4:32 pm

      im guessing they stole it from somewhere or committed some kind of fraud.
      anyway, if you dont believe in god, how can you accuse him of depravity? for you thats like accusing the tooth fairy of being cheap, right?


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