Barkay Eviscerates Simcha Too

Todd Bolen draws our attention to the details

Gabriel Barkay is probably the world’s leading scholar on tombs in Jerusalem.  He is quoted in a story by the Agence France-Presse.

Gabi Barkai, a professor of archaeology at Tel Aviv’s Bar Ilan University who has 40 years of experience excavating tombs in Jerusalem, confirmed the nails dated back to the first century, but said it was impossible get a more accurate date.  “Nails are a rare things in tombs from Second Temple period Jerusalem,” he told reporters, noting that there was no bone residue attached to them.   There were several theories as to why they might have been put inside a grave, one of which was that crucifixion nails were believed to be powerful amulets for the afterlife.  But there was “no proof whatsoever that these nails came from the cave of Caiaphas,” he said.  Asked if he believed they were used in the crucifixion, Barkai was cautious. “It’s a possibility,” he said.

I take the last quote in the sense of, “It’s not absolutely impossible that these nails were used in a crucifixion.”  It should also be noted that Barkay was likely a paid consultant for his appearance in the movie, and he would have been reluctant to completely dismiss the movie’s basic premise at a news conference sponsored by the film producer.

Theres more.  Read it.

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  1. Joe 14 Apr 2011 at 3:33 am

    Question is, what is Gaby doing with $imcha in the first place when most colleagues have been boycotting him for years ? He is fast losing some creditability…


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