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Barkay Eviscerates Simcha Too

Todd Bolen draws our attention to the details Gabriel Barkay is probably the world’s leading scholar on tombs in Jerusalem.  He is quoted in a story by the Agence France-Presse. Gabi Barkai, a professor of archaeology at Tel Aviv’s Bar … Continue reading

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Is David Cameron Appealing to the Hicks in Britain?

What other purpose could his insane shot at Oxford serve but to gather the mouth breathing anti-intellectuals in Britain to his side? British Prime Minister David Cameron made headlines on Monday when he criticized Oxford University for their “disgraceful” minority … Continue reading

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Liberty at ‘Liberty University’? Not So Fast, Budget Watcher

The Washington Post informs us that at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University For at least one day last week … administrators blocked campus access to the Web site of Lynchburg’s News & Advocate, reportedly because the newspaper ran a story about the … Continue reading

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Photo ID on Welfare Cards? Why Not?

In fact, I personally think that having a photo ID welfare card (food stamp card or whatever it’s officially called) is a great idea.  I further think that people on the public teat ought to undergo random drug testing and … Continue reading

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Joel Watt’s Latest Depraved Money Making Scheme

The founder of WhatsYourPrice.com says he’s not running an escort service. And he’s not promoting prostitution.  No, [Joel Watts]  says he’s bringing people together — people who are willing to pay to go on a date with someone “attractive” and people … Continue reading

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Most Americans Support the Creation of a Palestinian State

Al Jazeera remarks It becomes clearer every day that Binyamin Netanyahu’s government is terrified by the prospect that the Palestinians are planning to unilaterally declare a state later this year. In fact, it is safe to say that no other … Continue reading

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A Useful Tool: Reverse Image Search

Have an image?  Don’t know it’s source?  You may be able to track down it’s incarnations at TinEye.  I hadn’t heard about it till Joel Watts mentioned it a minute ago.  So I’ve added it to the useful sites section … Continue reading

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Nothing Can Keep an Evil Corporation Down

While Republicans stay up nights worried that their corporate owners may have to pay more taxes (or any taxes… good going GE!), they needn’t worry much.  Corporations, like Chase Bank, can squeeze blood out of a turnip and manage to … Continue reading

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Eerdman’s Photo Contest

The folk at Eerdmans are running a photo contest.  Check out the details here.  You could win up to $500!  It’s not much at Brill (maybe 3 pages of one book) but at Eerdmans it will get you rather a … Continue reading

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On One of the Lead Codices Images: Philip Davies

Philip Davies writes I Wonder if anyone thinks these two pictures are related. The first picture is the one I tentatively suggested as a crucifixion scene: the other is from Adomnan’s transcription of Arculf’s De Locis Sanctis. (It is reproduced … Continue reading

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They Watched their Mom Die, and Did Nothing About It

And then they let the corpse rot where it lie, for three months!  Guess where they’re from?!?!?!  If you guessed Texas, you’re right! Identical twins Edwin and Edward Berndt, Houston, Texas, were really busy watching the NCAA championships when their … Continue reading

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Oded Golan Tries to Justify Himself and Fraudulent ‘Artifacts’

In an essay in Bible and Interpretation Golan opines As a collector of antiquities for many decades who has seen tens of thousands of ancient pieces originated from the Land Of Israel, and based on the opinions I received from … Continue reading

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Another Reason to Hate American Idol

One fan was left shocked and in tears after being allegedly told by production staffers she could not sit with her friends in the front row because she was “just too big, too heavy to be in front,” RadarOnline.com is … Continue reading

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