The Sad Thing About Idiotic Archaeological Claims…

Is that – because Simcha Jacobovici and others have so often presented unsubstantiated and unfounded claims about stirring and important ‘discoveries’  – if anything real is ever discovered very few people will believe it.

Jacobovici and his ilk have cried ‘wolf’ so often that honest archaeologists run the danger of being intimately linked with them.

It’s tragic that certain persons are willing to destroy real archaeology for the sake of fame, publicity, and profit.  Shame on Simcha and the others and shame on the companies like Discovery Channel and NatGeo for airing the rubbish and furthering the cause of misrepresentation and fraud.

2 thoughts on “The Sad Thing About Idiotic Archaeological Claims…

  1. Shame on those Amer universities UNC, Hartford, Nebraska that let faculty participate and push these scams ….


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