People Can be Such Jerks

12 Apr

It’s very hard not to be a misanthrope most days.  But when stories like this hit the news, it’s just nearly down-right impossible.

Authorities say three girls selling lemonade in central Georgia to raise money for a hospitalized toddler were robbed of about $150 at their stand.  Houston County Sheriff’s Lt. Jon Holland said Monday that a man and woman approached the girls Saturday and the man snatched the money jar from a 13-year-old girl.  Authorities told WMAZ-TV that a 21-year-old woman was subsequently arrested and deputies are seeking a male suspect.  The children were trying to raise money for a cousin of one of the girls, a 2-year-old who will soon undergo treatment for an intestinal disease in Cincinnati.

Jerks.  I mean seriously, why don’t those two lazy prattish evil totally depraved perverted gits get a job and earn their own money instead of ripping off little kids who are trying to help a sick person?  When they’re caught, tried, and convicted they should be put in the public square in stocks and folk allowed to throw eggs and tomatoes and really rotten fruits and vegetables at them for 5 days.  I’d drive down there with a weeks supply of rotten eggs to take part.

[Oh that’s not very nice is it….  alas, my sympathies always lie with the victims.  The criminals can look to God for mercy].

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One response to “People Can be Such Jerks

  1. Chuck Grantham

    12 Apr 2011 at 7:05 am

    The 21 year old woman was caught while attempting to steal candy from a baby.

    Persons resembling the male suspect have been seen eyeing little old ladies’ purses outside Medicare offices.

    Talk about someone who has to look up to see a snake’s belly….