What Would You Do For a Blackberry?

Original Blackberry.

Not worth it

Would you stab a teen to death to steal one?  One gang did.

A teenage schoolboy was stabbed to death by a gang while “selflessly” trying to protect his younger brother, his family said today. Relatives paid tearful tributes to talented young musician Negus McClean – and said they would even pray for his on-the-run killers. The 15-year-old was attacked in the street by four youngsters on bicycles after a fight over a BlackBerry phone, it was claimed. The dead teenager’s brother is thought to be 10 years old. One woman, who lives near the scene but did want to be named, said the victim was cradled by a crying woman as emergency services were called. Flowers were laid at the scene of the attack today.

So wrong. Just unspeakably wrong. Total depravity? Oh yes. Killing for a stupid phone? Very much depraved.  It probably never occurred to these thugs to get a job and buy their own.  No.  Why do that when you can steal it and kill for it and then be coddled as a ‘victim of economic circumstances’ while your innocent victim lies mouldering in the ground thanks to you.

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  1. Helen says:

    Yeap! Very sad…This is what happens when God is left out of people’s lives. Parents don’t talk about Jesus to their Children anymore. Kids, Teens know nothing about God. They do know what’s the latest gadget though….

    May God have Mercy on us!


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