Paranoid France

Woman wearing a scarf wrapped around her head ...

Muslim woman, or ninja?

What folly.  Are the French really that afraid of Islam that they outlaw women practicing it?  Seriously?  The French ‘democracy’ just became the French Fascism.  Next thing you know, they’ll elect their own Mussolini.

Muslim women who wear the niqab or burka in public in France face fines of 150 euros (£132) under a new law that has just come into force. The country five-million-strong Muslim community is the biggest in western Europe, but fewer than 2,000 women are believed to wear a full face veil. Many Muslim leaders have said they remain neutral on the issue, neither supporting the wearing of burkas nor the law restricting their use.

Good grief. But I suppose this is to be expected of a nation so fearful that it surrenders after 3 minutes of battle in every war it enters.

By rights, though, France must now ban Ninjas too.

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  1. How stupid and good grief too! What choice do strict Muslim women have but to stay at home now.


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