Good Riddance Mr Gbagbo

Laurent Gbagbo, Président de la République (Cô...

Another one bites the dust

According to VOA

Defiant Ivory Coast leader Laurent Gbagbo has been captured at his Abidjan residence, after an assault by French and U.N. forces, and fighters of his rival, Alassane Ouattara.  A spokesman for the Ouattara forces, Seydou Ouattara, told VOA French to Africa service that Gbagbo was captured after an assault on the residence Monday and taken to Ouattara’s headquarters at the Golf Hotel.  French armored vehicles had been seen advancing on the residence ahead of Gbagbo’s capture.  The French embassy in Ivory Coast and Ouattara representatives in New York say it was Ouattara’s men who detained the incumbent president.

Yes, good riddance.  Maybe Gaddafi will be next.

[Do note the very strange silence of the theologians on all these matters.  Theology, for them, simply makes no difference to real life in the gutters and streets- it is nothing more than a mental exercise- a pastime.  As if theologians have nothing to say to society.  Alas, they are so wrong.  So very wrong.  Theology has much to say to culture and must, instead of remaining silent in its cowardice and unwillingness to be a ‘voice crying out in the wilderness…’.  And what exactly has theology to say to culture in this matter?  That evil doesn’t triumph forever and that a day of reckoning comes to every tyrant- among other things.]

4 thoughts on “Good Riddance Mr Gbagbo

  1. So is it our job to go around getting all these guys?

    If so, lets get the atheist murderers of the brothern who now rule Red China.

    Whatdya say?


  2. You have apparently misunderstood my comment.

    Do you diagree?

    I mean, you suggest Gaddafi may be next. Why not the atheist murderers ruling China that we are not only accomodating, but doing business with?


    • i think youve really missed my point- which was twofold. first, every tyrant has limited time to rule in tyranny. and second, every theologian is obliged to remind tyrants of exactly that.

      it isnt our place to ‘go after’ anyone. that’s god’s business.


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