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The Perfect ‘Royal Wedding’ Gift

true words!

The sooner the extravagant folly is over the better.  It’s not like they’ve not already been ‘married’ by their common law cohabitation.

Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

He’s been in Knoxville and I’m sad to say that it wasn’t because he was visiting Dollywood.  No, he’s been undergoing medical treatment.  Pray for him… it didn’t work.   😦

For millions of people over the last decade, laser hair removal has become a popular alternative to shaving or a way to get rid of unwanted hair. But how permanent are  laser treatments?  … However, Bobby Mode Chrissy Tilling does have hairy shoulders and he’s disappointed with his hair removal treatments.  Notes show that hair was to be removed on Bobby’s Chrissy’s shoulders, neck, and back. But after two years of treatments and spending $4,000, Bobby Chrissy’s back doesn’t look like the hair was removed.  However, “The treatment was from my hairline to my waist line,” he said. Bobby Chrissy received six treatments with eight to 10 weeks between each session. “It came back directly, as soon as the treatment was over,” he said.  He was told American Laser Center uses the latest FDA-approved, highly effective lasers. He paid $4,049 up front.

So sad…

Guns in Church are Ok… And No, It’s Not Where you Think…

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R)

Carry em if ya got em- ya can't trust God, so you better trust S&W

It’s Virginia!

Evidently they don’t really trust God over in Virginia, so they need to arm themselves when they go to worship.

Virginians may carry weapons for personal protection into places of worship while religious services are being conducted, according to a new legal opinion by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II (R).  Virginia law bars carrying weapons in churches and other worship houses while a religious meeting is being held unless a person has “good and sufficient reason.”   In an opinion written Friday and posted on Cuccinelli’s Web site Monday, Cuccinelli indicates that the “right of self-defense lies at the heart of the right to keep and bear arms.” Therefore, he concludes that “carrying a weapon for personal protection constitutes a good and sufficient reason under the statute.”

I’m sure it’s in the Bible somewhere-

‘And lo, thou shalt bring thy gun to worship because thou mayest and mightest encounter someone seeking to kill thee and they family whilst thou dost pray.  And so the Lord doth give thee permission to blast away until blood doth beplatter the sanctuary as in the days of old when the blood of the sacrifices sprayed across the bodies of the priests as they slit their throats.  Yeah, the Lord almighty has grown weak and is incapable of seeing that you are kept safe and since he doth lack any skill or plan, thou art hereby authorized to butcher at will’  (2 Publicans 66:6)(KJV – The only version such persons as tote guns to church ever read).

Stupidity in a Chicago School

Oven baked fries

If you eat this in a chicago school, they may execute you


School lunches aren’t what they used to be. At some city schools, ham and cheese sandwiches have been replaced with greasy pizza, burgers and french fries. While some schools have tried to add healthier options to their lunch menus, one Chicago school has taken a controversial approach: it banned home-packed lunches altogether.  The Chicago Tribune reported Monday that the principal of Little Village Academy decided to ban home-packed lunches at the West Side school after watching students bring lunches consisting of “bottles of soda and flaming hot chips” on field trips.

I’m sure the school will next inform parents what their children can watch on tv and what they can eat at home.  And then, if they don’t, they’ll be executed.

Beat a Dog, Go to Jail. Kill a Baby, Ah, So What…

It’s a very strange country we live in.  It’s bad (and it is bad) to beat a dog but it’s ok (and it isn’t ok at all) to abort a baby.  Very strange.

A call from a neighbor led the sheriff’s office to file animal cruelty charges against a North Knox County man.  The suspect is Jeffrey Coppock, 44.  Officers responded to Coppock’s home, 6136 Evening Star Lane, on April 8 where they found a Shih Tzu in the back yard they believe Coppock had beaten.  A report from the sheriff’s office said the dog had blood around its nose, appeared to have broken bones, was taking short, shallow breaths and was wet.  An officer also saw several bloody spots in the home.  Knox County Animal Control took the dog and another one, an Australian mix, to Young-Williams Animal Center for medical evaluations and treatment.  The Shih Tzu is in guarded condition and “not out of the woods yet,” according to Young-Williams experts.

Maybe we should festoon news websites with the pictures and stories of abortion participants too.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s worse.  But what of the criminal record of this dog beater?

Coppock was arrested and charged with aggravated cruelty to animals. The sheriff’s office says he was released the next day on a $2,500 bond.  Coppock has a previous criminal history involving traffic violations.

Not to minimize the evil he’s done to a helpless animal, but that’s still nothing at all in comparison to what hundreds across the state did today to children.  Nothing.

Joe Zias: On Recent Exaggerated Archaeological Claims, Including the ‘Zinc Coffin’ and the ‘Lead Codices’

Joe has been a ‘boots on the ground’ participant in Israeli archaeology for a very long time- even serving the IAA as anthropologist.  He has some things to say in this essay (which he has allowed me to upload and make available) about recent fraudulent archaeological claims and the people making them.

If you have questions about the ‘why-ness’ of such things, he has the answer.  I commend it to you.

Contact Your Favorite Bookseller…

And get them to order you a copy of this-

Frank Crüsemann
Das Alte Testament als Wahrheitsraum des Neuen: Die neue Sicht der christlichen Bibel

384 Seiten, Gebundenes Buch mit Schutzumschlag, Format: 15,0 cm x 22,7 cm, ISBN: 978-3-579-08122-9

Eine hartnäckige Behauptung christlicher Theologie ist die von der Überlegenheit des »Neuen Testaments« über das »Alte Testament«. Dieses habe für Christen wenig Relevanz. Ihr Glaube gründe allein im Evangelium von Jesus.

Frank Crüsemann folgt einer anderen Spur: Weil die Tora und die Propheten für die Verfasser der neutestamentlichen Schriften »die Schrift« waren, sind sie für den christlichen Glauben unbedingt von Bedeutung.

Diesen Ansatz aus dem Neuen Testament selbst zu begründen, ist Ziel dieses Buches. Es erschließt das Alte Testament als den Wahrheitsraum, von dem das Neue abhängt und der christliche Glaube abhängig bleibt. Nicht ohne Folgen: Für die Ethik des Christentums, die lernen muss, die Tora als Quelle zu begreifen; für die Christologie, die die Toratreue Jesu nicht unterschlagen darf und weithin aus Schriftzitaten besteht, und nicht zuletzt für das Verhältnis von Juden und Christen.

Crüsemann is one of the most brilliant Hebrew Bible scholars presently working.  It’s a crying shame that he’s not known widely enough in the American world of biblical scholarship.  This book is one of the most interesting, and most important that’s been produced in a good while.  The author engages and educates, and nothing more could be asked of any writer.

The Reformation Commentary on Scripture

If you wish, you can sign up to get a 40% discount to the series.  It’s how most commentary subscription series’ work.  I subscribe to the Word Biblical Commentary (and they haven’t put anything out for years… what’s the deal?) and the same deal applies.  It’s a very fine way to acquire volumes the moment they appear.

And no, no one at IVP Academic asked me to say anything about it- I do it as a public service and because many here may well be interested in the series but may not have heard of the discount.

When you sign up for this risk-free trial offer you’ll receive the first volume, Galatians, Ephesians, edited by Gerald Bray, (when it releases in October 2011) for only $9.99—a savings of more than $40.00 off the suggested retail price of $50.00! Keep it if you like and start receiving other volumes to build your own library of these unique commentaries. As a bonus, you will also receive a copy of Reading Scripture with the Reformers free (retail: $16.00)! It’s as easy as that!

Atheist Publishes ‘Secular Bible’

If atheists think there is no God, why do they have to rip off believers in God for their ideas? How lame.  Or as Stephen says

Leading Atheist Publishes Secular Bible I keep having to ask myself, what business does an atheist have with the written Word of God? … “The Good Book: A Humanist Bible,” subtitled “A Secular Bible” in the United Kingdom, was published this month. Grayling crafted it by using more than a thousand texts representing several hundred authors, collections and traditions. The Bible would have been “a very different book and may have produced a very different history for mankind,” had it d … Read More

via Fr Stephen’s Blog

The ‘Garden of Eden’ in the News

Thanks to Antonio for this-

Il nostro favoloso e amatissimo vice-presidente del CNR ha dichiarato che il Paradiso Terrestre è davvero esistito (Genesi capp. 2 e 3). Peccato che gli autori dell’Antico Testamento avessero copiato l’EDIN sumero, il loro Eden o paradiso terrestre. Forse, Roberto de Mattei – in quanto autorevole scienziato – può anche provare la reale esistenza del leviatano, del basilico e dei draghi citati nella Bibbia.

And especially thanks to him for the awesome photograph that was snapped in the Garden by some unnamed photographer.  It’s quite vivid!

If only Eric Cline had known this before he wrote his book…

American Politicians Aren’t the Only Hypocrites

A conservative Indonesian MP who helped pass a controversial anti-pornography law resigned on Monday after he was caught watching explicit videos on his computer during a parliamentary session.

Ruh roh….

Politicians around the world think they are immune from the very laws they enact.  There’s something wrong with the political mind.  All their wires aren’t firing or something.  Plus, to watch such garbage in public?  Well that’s just sick.

Arifinto, 55, a member of the Prosperous Justice Party, was filmed on Friday watching pornography for several minutes as fellow MPs debated plans to build a new parliament building.  The MP, who like many Indonesians goes by only one name, apologised to his constituents on Monday and told reporters during a hastily arranged news conference he was stepping down from Parliament immediately.

He’s sorry he got caught.  But now he’s got loads of free time to indulge his depravity.

Good Riddance Mr Gbagbo

Laurent Gbagbo, Président de la République (Cô...

Another one bites the dust

According to VOA

Defiant Ivory Coast leader Laurent Gbagbo has been captured at his Abidjan residence, after an assault by French and U.N. forces, and fighters of his rival, Alassane Ouattara.  A spokesman for the Ouattara forces, Seydou Ouattara, told VOA French to Africa service that Gbagbo was captured after an assault on the residence Monday and taken to Ouattara’s headquarters at the Golf Hotel.  French armored vehicles had been seen advancing on the residence ahead of Gbagbo’s capture.  The French embassy in Ivory Coast and Ouattara representatives in New York say it was Ouattara’s men who detained the incumbent president.

Yes, good riddance.  Maybe Gaddafi will be next.

[Do note the very strange silence of the theologians on all these matters.  Theology, for them, simply makes no difference to real life in the gutters and streets- it is nothing more than a mental exercise- a pastime.  As if theologians have nothing to say to society.  Alas, they are so wrong.  So very wrong.  Theology has much to say to culture and must, instead of remaining silent in its cowardice and unwillingness to be a ‘voice crying out in the wilderness…’.  And what exactly has theology to say to culture in this matter?  That evil doesn’t triumph forever and that a day of reckoning comes to every tyrant- among other things.]

It Wasn’t Me…

To borrow the words of Nelly (Nellie?)- it wasn’t me!  I honestly don’t even know what Joel is talking about.  That in and of itself isn’t odd.  But I don’t know what he’s talking about even more than normal.

What Would You Do For a Blackberry?

Original Blackberry.

Not worth it

Would you stab a teen to death to steal one?  One gang did.

A teenage schoolboy was stabbed to death by a gang while “selflessly” trying to protect his younger brother, his family said today. Relatives paid tearful tributes to talented young musician Negus McClean – and said they would even pray for his on-the-run killers. The 15-year-old was attacked in the street by four youngsters on bicycles after a fight over a BlackBerry phone, it was claimed. The dead teenager’s brother is thought to be 10 years old. One woman, who lives near the scene but did want to be named, said the victim was cradled by a crying woman as emergency services were called. Flowers were laid at the scene of the attack today.

So wrong. Just unspeakably wrong. Total depravity? Oh yes. Killing for a stupid phone? Very much depraved.  It probably never occurred to these thugs to get a job and buy their own.  No.  Why do that when you can steal it and kill for it and then be coddled as a ‘victim of economic circumstances’ while your innocent victim lies mouldering in the ground thanks to you.

Freedom in Egypt? Not Really. Not at All.

Al-Arabiya tweets-

An Egyptian military court sentences a blogger to three years in prison for insulting the armed forces #Egypt.

Another reason I’m glad to live in America.  If people were tossed into prison for insulting the powers, I’d be toast.  If they could, even the mennonites would throw me on the flames.  Thank God America isn’t Egypt.  Or Syria.  Or Libya.  Or Saudi Arabia.  Or Nigeria… etc.

If You Take Your Children to Applebees…

Logo used from 1980–2007, still in use at some...

The Choice of Alcoholic Babies Everywhere

You might want to make sure you take something for them to drink yourself.  Otherwise, they might be given booze instead of juice.  At least that’s what happened at an Applebees in Michigan.

A Michigan Applebee’s is grilling its employees after someone served alcohol to a toddler.  The booze was accidentally served as part of a kids meal.  Taylor Dill-Reese says her son started acting strangely after drinking what she thought was apple juice. She tasted it and found the juice was an alcoholic margarita mix.  Doctors say the boy’s blood alcohol level was at a point one.  “He was saying hi and bye to the walls,” Dill-Reese said when describing her son’s behavior. “He eventually laid his head down on the table, and we thought he was just sleeping.”  Reports say that the child is okay after being checked out at the hospital.

Giving children booze usually only happens in Australia.  So this is a rather unusual story here.  So if you have a child and you want to keep him or her safe, take a taste of whatever the server brings.  Otherwise… well… just take warning.

Gaddafi Agrees to a Cease Fire…

While his troops are still attacking the rebels.   That’s what we call irony.

Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi has accepted a roadmap for ending the conflict in Libya including an immediate ceasefire, the African Union said on Monday, but protesters said the roadmap would only work if Mr. Qaddafi left power.   He met with a delegation of African leaders by President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, at the Libyan leader’s Bab al-Aziziyah compound in Tripoli. Among the topics discussed was NATO stopping air strikes on government targets to “give ceasefire a chance,” according to Mr. Zuma.

It’s just another delaying tactic while he consolidates his troops and refreshes his supplies.  The Libyans (and JUST them) need to rid themselves of this tyrant.  And if they can’t, or won’t, they will have to live with him.

At any rate, the oil market apparently doesn’t believe him.  Prices haven’t dropped instantly to the degree they rise instantly whenever an Arab Sheik sneezes.

Paranoid France

Woman wearing a scarf wrapped around her head ...

Muslim woman, or ninja?

What folly.  Are the French really that afraid of Islam that they outlaw women practicing it?  Seriously?  The French ‘democracy’ just became the French Fascism.  Next thing you know, they’ll elect their own Mussolini.

Muslim women who wear the niqab or burka in public in France face fines of 150 euros (£132) under a new law that has just come into force. The country five-million-strong Muslim community is the biggest in western Europe, but fewer than 2,000 women are believed to wear a full face veil. Many Muslim leaders have said they remain neutral on the issue, neither supporting the wearing of burkas nor the law restricting their use.

Good grief. But I suppose this is to be expected of a nation so fearful that it surrenders after 3 minutes of battle in every war it enters.

By rights, though, France must now ban Ninjas too.