Total Depravity: The Pedophile Teacher with the Child’s Undies in his Pants

A fourth-grade teacher in Alexandria was arrested on child pornography charges and acknowledged that he has downloaded and viewed inappropriate images of young girls for “a long time,” federal authorities in Virginia said Thursday.   Justin Coleman, 35, a dual-language teacher at John Adams Elementary School, was arrested Wednesday evening, authorities said. He had a pair of girls’ pink underwear in his pocket, court papers say, and told agents that he had gotten them from an 11-year-old Russian girl he met through an international program. Court papers did not specify how he may have known the girl.

Evil people, you make me wretch.  And the most evil of all are the sickening depraved pedophiles.  So what’s the solution?  Castration and permanent imprisonment with no hope of parole.  Ever.  Maybe with that sword dangling over their perverted heads pedophiles will think more than twice about acting out their wicked and disgusting inclinations.

According to papers filed in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Coleman, who was charged with receipt of child pornography, told agents that he stole a backpack from school that contained the underwear and jeans and that he kept the underwear. Court papers say he also said he had spied on a young girl changing her clothes, but the documents do not indicate where that occurred.

*Mumble*   It is just so enraging.

According to court papers, authorities searched Coleman’s Falls Church home Wednesday. They found “numerous” pornographic images and videos, the documents state.

Who with a conscience could – 1), abuse a child and record it with pictures and videos?  And 2), watch that kind of abuse without actually literally vomiting?

I sometimes wish God would rise up in righteous wrath and obliterate such people, wiping them off the face of the earth forever.  Sometimes?  No, always, come to think of it.


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  1. brianfulthorp 8 Apr 2011 at 1:55 pm

    castration with a dull dirty blade…


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