An Open Letter (Apology) To the World For America’s Stupid Congress

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Dear World,

On behalf of all sane Americans I want to apologize that our Congress is populated by petty, small, trifling, idiotic, self serving, simple minded, useless, moronic, vile, depraved, wicked people in both the House and Senate.

I apologize that they think making political points pandering to their special interests is more important than solving a problem of their own making.

I apologize that America has abdicated the moral high ground and has now descended into a nation led by people who are more curved in on themselves than a parrot with nails that never file off.

I apologize that we can only manage to worry about other nations if they have something we want.  Did we truly care, we would have intervened when the slaughter in the Ivory Coast commenced.

I apologize for a Congress that has become completely disinterested in the American people.  I apologize that – in spite of all their fancy rhetoric to the contrary – they just don’t care.

So they’re shutting down the government because they are more lame than 8th graders on the playground.  God help them- they’re making Divine judgment inevitable.

So, World, I apologize for them.  And because of them.

One thought on “An Open Letter (Apology) To the World For America’s Stupid Congress

  1. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert 8 Apr 2011 at 1:21 pm

    But Jim, the so-called “World” is even worse!


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