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Congress Has Done the Right Thing…

And come to an agreement to avoid a government shutdown, according to ABC News. Should they be applauded? No way. They should never have allowed the brinksmanship to occur. The fact that they did simply shows their own ineptitude.

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Quote of the Day

We know with certainty, 1. That God takes care of the whole human race, but especially of his Church. 2. That God governs all things by his will, and regulates them by his wisdom. 3. That he has most abundant … Continue reading

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Soldiers, Don’t Die During the Shutdown… Your Families Probably Won’t Be Able to Bury You

Your family won’t be paid any death benefits… In the event of a government shutdown, the Pentagon would have to delay payments of the $100,000 death benefit that families receive if a military service member dies in the line of … Continue reading

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That’s Why It’s Best to Lock Your Doors- Many People Can’t be Trusted

Just up the road a bit A Kingsport woman has been arrested after allegedly entering Higher Ground Baptist Church, wandering around, then exiting with a bass guitar.  The guitar was later sold to a pawn shop, located less than a … Continue reading

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Having an Affair with your Cousin Will Get you on Springer…

Especially if you’re a Priest (for Pete’s sake!!!!). A Catholic TV priest has taken a leave of absence after admitting to a sexual affair with his second cousin.  According to the San Bernadino Sun, which first reported the relationship, Michael … Continue reading

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I Want to Show You My New Tattoo…

Tattoos aren’t really my thing but I’ve gone ahead and gotten one so that I can voicelessly say what I frequently want to say by simply lifting my shirt.

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On The United States Congress: An Observation

My opinion of Congress now stands even with my opinion of Adolf Hitler.

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An Open Letter (Apology) To the World For America’s Stupid Congress

Dear World, On behalf of all sane Americans I want to apologize that our Congress is populated by petty, small, trifling, idiotic, self serving, simple minded, useless, moronic, vile, depraved, wicked people in both the House and Senate. I apologize … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: The Pedophile Teacher with the Child’s Undies in his Pants

A fourth-grade teacher in Alexandria was arrested on child pornography charges and acknowledged that he has downloaded and viewed inappropriate images of young girls for “a long time,” federal authorities in Virginia said Thursday.   Justin Coleman, 35, a dual-language teacher … Continue reading

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Faith 1, Atheists 0

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Wednesday that a North Carolina university’s decision to deny a professor a promotion based on religious and political commentary – inspired by his conversion to Christianity from atheism – is unconstitutional. Ah … Continue reading

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Oh No, Not More Fundamentalist Baptist Craziness… Make it Stop…

ABC News’ 20/20 is set to air a program tonight featuring fundamentalist baptist pastors who do loony things like advise parents to spank two week old babies and who suggest that if there’s no bruising, there’s been no spanking… To … Continue reading

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That Newly Discovered Manuscript of Hebrews…

Don’t get too worked up about it quite yet.  As Tommy sagely advises- While we wait for a scholarly edition of the Hebrews papyrus, hopefully including images, and adequate information about the provenience, we have to be extremely cautious about … Continue reading

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The Hezekiah Syndrome

The story of Hezekiah’s illness, recovery, and last days is recounted in 2 Kings 20. After he recovered he invited some Babylonians to take a look at all his treasures and then he was given a good dressing down by … Continue reading

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LeBron, Don’t Let Your Mom Get Drunk Anymore

She gets mean when she does.  Indeed, if a poor valet doesn’t fetch her car quickly enough, she’ll lay the smack down on him! Yesterday, Gloria Marie James, the proud mother of the Miami Heat star, was arrested outside the … Continue reading

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