What Happens When a Faker Fakes from a Fake?

You get a ‘lead codex’ which pretends to be from the time of Jesus… and plenty of gullible souls willing to lap it up.  But there’s clear evidence that the lead codex so much discussed lately is total nonsense and any claim to antiquity simple fraud.  Robert Deutsch sends along this fun fact-

Unaware of it, the faker used a fake coin to fake his fakes:   The quadriga on the top left side of the attached cover of the lead “codices” has been copied or impressed with  a very famous and common FAKE Medallion of Lucius Verus which one can buy for few cents on the Istanbul bazaar.

Here are the photos Robert mentions:

Click to enlarge

The faker used a fake coin, apparently not aware it was a fake, that anyone could pick up at some tourist trap, and used it as his exemplar…  Now that’s silly fakery.

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