How Did a 6 Year Old Get a Gun to Take to School?

Well from the gun owner of course, who evidently has no idea how to secure deadly weapons.

A Shelby County elementary school student is in trouble with the law after he brought a loaded gun to school.  A spokesman for the Shelby County Schools says, the 6-year-old kindergartner brought a loaded .38 revolver to Southwind Elementary School Wednesday. After school, kids on his bus noticed the gun and told the bus driver. The driver took the gun from the child and contacted the principal.

As if Memphis wasn’t already riddled with more than enough crime, let’s leave guns lying around where little kids can get them.

The principal notified the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and the child’s parents. The child was taken to juvenile detention and is now in DHS custody.

Because the parents are inept perhaps?

School leaders say the boy found the gun in a drawer at home.

Oh nice.  People can be so utterly senseless.

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