Madeleine is Right, Abortion isn’t a ‘Health’ Issue, It’s a Moral Issue

So she writes rightly

Today is “World Health Day” and some people are using this fact to argue that ”abortion is a health issue, not a crime.” I find this contention a little curious; claiming that abortion is simply a health issue is an assertion which is supposed to mean that abortion is not a moral issue in any way. However, an assertion is not an argument and proves nothing.  If a fetus is a human being then feticide is homicide and this obviously makes abortion more than a health issue. But suppose (contrary to what I think is the case) a fetus is not a human being. How does it follow that abortion is a health issue?

Go there for the rest. Especially clever-

Cutting tissue out of a person’s body does not make something into a health issue. Suppose, for example, that a woman has a boob job. Is this a health issue? No, this  is cosmetic surgery. It might be done in a hospital and by a surgeon but this does not make it into a health issue any more than the fact that a chef might kiss his wife in a resurant makes his romance of her a question of diet. Contrary to what some juvenile males may think, having small breasts is not a disease.

And right on the mark-

Pregnancy, however, is not a disease and I find it quite odd that people who claim to be pro-women would suggest that it was.

The real disease is murder for the sake of convenience.

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    1. Jim Post author

      thats true. but i dont think thats what the abortionists have in mind when they talk about health


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