A Follow up by Robert Deutsch on the ‘Lead Codices’

On ANE-2 Robert writes (and I post here with his permission) concerning the supposed Christian codices much discussed of late-

I will give a short description of some highlights from the iconography depicted on several “codices” for the “scholars” which are not familiar with numismatics.

On a single leaf one can find: the head of Alexander the great copied, or impressed from a coin of his general Lysimachos, a palm tree from the coins of Bar Kokhba and Cartage, the eight pointed stars from the Jewish coins of Alexander Yannay and Hellenistic coins of the Seleucus, the bust of Domitianus from the administration coins minted in Judaea, The “inscriptions” are copied from the Hasmonean and Bar Kokhba coins, inscribed in straight and mirror shape, not to mention Gibberish in greek.

Some of the leafs are impressed by a mechanical device and some made by hand, All are sealed with nails, some made of iron.

No patina or corrosion is detected on them, but only an artificial brown color. An expert who is familiar with lead rust doesn’t need more than 10 seconds with a magnifying glass to find out the fraud.

Let me end with a comment I made a short time ago on Jim West’s Web site: “Scholars are contaminating their academic records with lead poison”.

What can I add – the name of Jesus was called in vain.

Robert Deutsch

Honestly, is there need for further discussion or can we just put this to bed along with the other recent and numerous frauds committed in the name of ‘biblical archaeology’? Please.

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  3. someone who knows 9 Apr 2011 at 8:40 pm

    We first bought the books by chance from a Jordanian Taxi driver. Many more have now ” appeared” We had no idea what they were
    We certainly did not smuggle them. Everyone in Israel told us they were either lead curse tablets or fake
    A friend of ours in Jericho advised us to go to Sweden. We became more curious but purely for the truth
    Later when we paid Elkington and Co to get on board for their “reports” the situation escalated. Caves were ” discovered’ and more books appeared!
    Every one slammed the door in our face including the British library
    all we knew were they were lead books of ancient metal and this codes aside interested us
    Elkington is desperate to be famous. He could not bear the fact we started to ignore him
    He has just appeared on coast to coast radio with wild claims. but along with feather he did covert the books in his uk home for a year without informing any authority
    we will shortly be interviewed in an official documentary and have nothing to hide


    • Jim 9 Apr 2011 at 9:08 pm

      who is doing the documentary? and who is airing it?


  4. Robin Whitlock 12 Apr 2011 at 7:26 am

    There is a lot not being said here actually, the main story is not the codices themselves (which are undoubtedly fake) but Elkington’s mad quest to become famous and filthy rich, and more importantly what he has done to others in order to try and achieve that aim. I can’t say any more for obvious reasons, but if you just dig a little deeper you’ll begin to see hints and clues pertaining to what’s really been going on these past ten or twenty years, or more….


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