Terry Jones May Put Mohammed on Trial (via Fr Stephen’s Blog)

Every Christian in America needs to denounce this lunatic and his lunacy. And those who belong to his ‘church’ need to leave it.  He is evil.

Terry Jones May Put Mohammed on Trial Terry Jones, the radical pastor who oversaw the burning of a Koran in his Florida church last month after a mock court hearing, may put the Islamic prophet Mohammed on trial in his next ‘day of judgement’, he told The Sunday Telegraph. “It is definitely a consideration to stage a trial on the life of Mohammed in the future,” he said in interview on Saturday. Such an inflammatory move would almost certainly trigger further violent protests in the … Read More

via Fr Stephen’s Blog

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5 Responses to Terry Jones May Put Mohammed on Trial (via Fr Stephen’s Blog)

  1. Rev Tony Buglass says:

    He can do whatever he likes. Preferably in Afghanistan, where his idiocy and bigotry has already become an excuse for more chaos and murder.


  2. Patricia says:

    Spare the Afghans this distortion of Christianity. Not that he would have the balls to go there anyway.


  3. The Hook says:

    I couldn’t agree more.


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