Best Tweet of the Week

Nice handy chart 4 nxt time u hear Righty whine bout how hi taxes r, blame gov wrkers 4deficits & romanticize 1950s — Cliff Schecter

Take a look at that chart and you’ll notice how high the tax rate was in the 50’s. Plus, ‘Righty whine’ is just a priceless little phrase. Republicans and tea people must really not know American history at all. It’s the only explanation for their lionization of Reagan and their idiotic claims that taxes are higher than they’ve ever been.

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2 Responses to Best Tweet of the Week

  1. Don’t blame the Republicans for their education. They went to public school.


  2. Doug says:

    That is that chart for the top marginal rate. It does not say how much income that and more importantly, how much an “average” household would have paid in taxes. It also does not show any other tax burden on the household, like property taxes or fees that once were assessed as taxes but are not now. Really, to me, this chart is fairly meaningless. And I my edjacating was both in public and private schools. so tweet it, but be prepared to answer questions.


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