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The Depths of Absurdity: The ‘Oldest Portrait of Jesus’???

The Mail has plumbed the depths of absurdity with their latest contribution to the ‘lead codices’ fiasco/fraud with the suggestion that one of them contains the ‘first portrait’ of Jesus’.  Seriously, that’s just stupidity and dilettantism of the rankest kind. … Continue reading

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Best Tweet of the Week

Nice handy chart 4 nxt time u hear Righty whine bout how hi taxes r, blame gov wrkers 4deficits & romanticize 1950s http://bit.ly/1ZI5yE — Cliff Schecter Take a look at that chart and you’ll notice how high the tax rate … Continue reading

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A fun video: CT editor David Neff on the KJV (via Grateful to the dead)

Worth a look (and much more interesting than the lead codices…) I like a lively discussion of juicy Christian-historical material. This is just what Christianity Today editor David Neff has given us in this reflection, which is kind of a … Continue reading

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The Secret that Keeps Bibliobloggers Looking Young…

Aside, that is, from their unwavering desire to be #1 (as if… but the effort keeps them healthy).  No, the real secret to the young looks of Chris Tilling and James Crossley and Mark Goodacre and the others has been … Continue reading

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Pranks Can be Costly

Just ask the teen girl in Illinois… A 16-year-old central Illinois girl has been given $150 in tickets after the worried victims of her April Fool’s Day prank called police.  Bloomington police say the girl texted her friend and cousin … Continue reading

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Terry Jones May Put Mohammed on Trial (via Fr Stephen’s Blog)

Every Christian in America needs to denounce this lunatic and his lunacy. And those who belong to his ‘church’ need to leave it.  He is evil. Terry Jones, the radical pastor who oversaw the burning of a Koran in his … Continue reading

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The Latest Issue of BASOR is Online

Via ASOR is pleased to announce that BASOR 361 (February 2011) has now been posted online at Atypon Link. This issue (and 4 years of back issues) is available to BASOR online subscribers and members who have chosen an online … Continue reading

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John Avalon of ‘The Daily Beast’ Scorches Terry Jones

It’s a brilliant and highly readable essay.  I especially enjoyed these bits After dominating world headlines last September with the proposed stunt—which surfed off the protests surrounding the Park51 Islamic center two blocks from ground zero on the ninth anniversary … Continue reading

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Shame on the US and the UN for Standing by Actionless…

When barbarous cruelty is in full effect in Ivory Coast.  The Telegraph reports The single biggest atrocity in the long battle for control of Ivory Coast has emerged after aid workers discovered the bodies of up to 1,000 people in … Continue reading

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A Toddler is Raped and Her Attackers are Defended…

A toddler was raped, but as horrific as the thought is, those who raped her shouldn’t be punished. You see, her attackers were just boys — 7- and 9-year-old boys who shouldn’t even know what rape is. Someone is to … Continue reading

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Bombs don’t Discriminate

They don’t care who they kill because they have neither friend nor foe nor soul.  Sometimes, neither do the people dropping them. An airstrike intended to thwart Moammar Gadhafi’s forces killed 13 rebel fighters in eastern Libya instead, the opposition … Continue reading

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Joel’s Giving Away one of James Crossley’s Books

Head on over and enter.  You get to pick which one if you win! New Testament and Jewish Law: A Guide for the Perplexed Why Christianity Happened: A Sociohistorical Account of Christian Origins (26-50 CE) Jesus in an Age of … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: The 14 Year old Victim

Friends of a teenage girl stabbed nine times have revealed how they warned her against dating an older man. Schoolgirl Chloe West, 14, was attacked outside her school gates at 8.42am Friday morning. She was recovering in hospital on Saturday … Continue reading

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Did You Know You can be Arrested in India if you Convert to Christianity?

I didn’t either.  But here  you go– Orissa Police on Tuesday arrested twelve tribals for allegedly undergoing religious conversion in an ‘illegal’ manner.  According to sources, the tribals were arrested after a case was registered at Rasgobindpur police station in … Continue reading

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Another ‘Jesus’ Sighting

Via David Meadows on Facebook.  But this one’s even more of a stretch than all the rest.  And that’s saying a lot! Looks more like Rumpelstiltskin to me. WHEN his next door neighbour called over the fence and told him … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

The tragedy of the Koran burning and riots in Afghanistan is the way extremists from Florida to Kandahar feed each other. –  Nick Kristof

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Total Depravity: The Man Who Shot a 5 Year Old

A man has been remanded in custody charged with two counts of attempted murder following the shooting of a five-year-old girl in a convenience store. Anthony McCalla, 19, of Oakdale Road, Streatham, will appear next at the Old Bailey on … Continue reading

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A New Volume for Epigraphers and Students of the Hebrew Bible

Biblical Period Epigraphy: The Josef Chaim Kaufman Collection Seals, Bullae, Handles, by Robert Deutsch From the Foreword- The book is the second volume recording biblical period epigraphic material from the Josef Chaim Kaufman collection. The first volume published by the … Continue reading

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More From the Qur’an Burning Lunacy

Violent protests over the burning of a Koran in Florida flared for a second straight day, with young men rampaging through the streets of this southern capital, flying Taliban flags and wielding sticks.  Nine people were killed and 81 injured … Continue reading

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National Autism Day

April 2 is National Autism Day.  I hope you’ll take a few minutes and view this video which discusses the disease.  It affects a lot of children and a lot of families.

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