Westboro Baptist Church’s Florida Satellite

The hatemongers at Westboro NOT Baptist and NOT a church have a soulmate/satellite down in Florida where the nutbag publicity seeking ‘pastor’ who last year threatened to burn the Quran until he was bought off with promise of a new car has striven into the limelight again by actually carrying out his idiotic scheme.

The controversial Florida pastor who halted plans to burn a Quran on the 9/11 anniversary last year oversaw the burning of the Islamic holy book on Sunday after it was found “guilty” during a “trial” at his church.

One is sorely tempted to wonder what penalty he will be assessed on the day of judgement for his unmixed hatred.  I’m guessing very justly deserved flames of one sort or another will be involved then as well.

But hold on, the stupidity fairly leaps from the man-

“We had a court process,” said Pastor Terry Jones, who acted as judge, in a phone interview. “We tried to set it up as fair as possible, which you can imagine, of course, is very difficult.”

I wonder if he knows what the word ‘liar’ means?  He sure enfleshes it well.

Jones said about 30 people attended the mock trial at his Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville.

29 sad and tragic followers of a sad and tragic deceiver.  He and Fred Phelps should hook up.  They’re a match made in hell.