The Complete ‘Press Release’ Concerning the Discovery of the ‘Jesus Tablets’

Concerning this press release, do note that it seems to include things the Mail article doesn’t (no surprise there) and the language is more measured (no surprise there either). For earlier posts see here.Ā  For a photo, see here.

7 thoughts on “The Complete ‘Press Release’ Concerning the Discovery of the ‘Jesus Tablets’

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  3. It is wonderful how wishful thinking can cause even otherwise sensible people to leave their scepticism behind and become believers if the “prize” is large enough. I am fascinated by the discrepancies between the account here and that in the article Bob Cargill referenced.

    I’m still wondering if April has arrived early šŸ˜‰


  4. The text of the press release came from me. If you read it carefully you will find hidden references to ‘666’, the Beast and the Messiah, plus a recipe for real English chocolate muffins.


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