Not Many of You Should Be Bloggers (via Fr Stephen’s Blog)

The truth is, most people don’t really hold their ‘convictions’ all that ‘tightly’ with the consequence that if someone is a heretic, misleading people and turning the truth into a lie, it doesn’t bother folk too awful much. Even theobloggers and bibliobloggers are often more interested in making friends than adhering to truth.  If they even believe there is such a thing a ‘truth’ any more in these days of ethical and theological relativism.

It just wasn’t that way in the history of the Church before the so called ‘Enlightenment’ which actually was a darkening of both doctrine and praxis.  Before that ‘darkening’ theologians were unafraid.  Now, they’re too interested in being ‘politically’, or better, ‘theologically’ correct- which means in this context, theologically spineless and irrelevant.

So I agree- not many should be bloggers (or writers) because not many are willing to stand up for the truth even if it makes them enemies. Or more likely, frenemies.

… While it may appear as though theological debate today is more polarized than ever, in fact it is perhaps as civil as it’s ever been. There are still charges of heresy here and there, but at least we’re no longer burning each other at the stake. There is occasional name-calling, but as Luther famously pointed out even Jesus and Paul were fond of coming up with clever names for false teachers. I’m not attempting to defend mean-spirited, polemi … Read More

via Fr Stephen’s Blog