Christians and Muslims in Egypt…

Are evidently incapable of getting along.  First, Muslims burn a church and kill people there, and then Christians protest-

Egypt’s health ministry says at least 10 people were killed in clashes between Muslims and Christians in the capital, Cairo, Tuesday.  It was not immediately clear how many of the victims were Christian or Muslim, though earlier reports said as many as six Christians had been killed by gunfire.  The health ministry said 110 people were wounded in the violence.   Officials say the clashes erupted after at least 1,000 Christians gathered to protest the burning of a church in a Cairo suburb last week.  One group of Christians blocked a main highway south of the capital. Both sides threw rocks, and riot police fired shots in the air in an effort to break up the crowds.   Another crowd of hundreds of protesters – including a group of garbage collectors who are predominantly Christian, demonstrated outside the main television building in central Cairo, demanding equal rights. Many carried tall wooden crosses.  Christians initiated the protests after local Muslims set fire to a church in the outskirts of the capital following a conflict between two families, reportedly over a relationship between a Christian man and a Muslim woman.

Protesting violence with violence makes as much sense as protesting abortion by killing abortion doctors.  It’s madness all around.  Evidently there’s a secret desire among many for a return to the 12th century.

2 thoughts on “Christians and Muslims in Egypt…

  1. Bob Schillaci 9 Mar 2011 at 11:04 am

    So logical to slaughter each other over which side has the better invisible friend.


  2. Chuck Grantham 9 Mar 2011 at 12:58 pm

    The tradition’s far older than the 12th century. Didn’t you see the movie “Agora”?


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