Total Depravity: The Parking Space Assault

A MANHATTAN grand jury voted today to indict Oscar Fuller on felony assault charges for a kerb-rage incident that left a young woman in a coma. Mr Fuller, 35, made a left-handed apology in the alleged assault – saying he was sorry only for the woman’s “situation”, and maintaining that she had struck him first. “I’m very, very sorry for the situation she is going through,” Mr Fuller said outside court after learning of the grand jury’s vote. “It’s crushed my whole family,” he said. “It’s crushed her family as well,” he added. Mr Fuller, an electrician, was accused of punching Lana Rosas over a parking spot. Lana Rosas, who is four-foot-11, had been holding a parking space for her boyfriend on East 14th St last week when Mr Fuller allegedly drove up in his silver minivan and demanded the space.

She’s in a coma and part of her skull has been removed… His claim that he was defending himself is just absurd. It’s total depravity and utter selfishness to punch a woman into a coma for a parking spot.