Mardis Gras: Just Another Excuse to Act Wickedly

Want to expose yourself for little plastic beads?  No problem.  Want to stumble the streets in a drunken stupor?  Have at.  Want to do it with mobs of other like minded people?  There’s a place for you!  It’s New Orleans Mardis Gras… ostensibly the last ‘big party day’ before the season of ‘Lent’ commences.

So go an act as wickedly as you like… you can ‘repent’ during ‘Lent’ and then you can do it all over again next year.

[Which fact shows beyond doubt that neither repentance nor Lent are meaningful in any truly spiritual sense for the massa perditionis].

2 thoughts on “Mardis Gras: Just Another Excuse to Act Wickedly

  1. like my once frnd said, he once thought about asking god for a high end bike, but was told that He doesn’t grant such, so he went out and stole one and and then asked for forgiveness and was forgiven.


  2. “God will forgive me. That’s his job.”

    Well, actually….

    Yes, today is Mardi Gras. That means you drive extra carefully to work and expect to be shorthanded when you get there. And if you work among the public you expect to smell more alcohol and deal with more nonsense.

    Lent? Yeah, I gotta get that video game back from Ted down the street.


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