The World’s Most Absurd PhD

Thought that PhD your friend wrote on the ever scintillating mem enclitic was goofy?  How about the poor woman who worked on the feminism of Adam for 4 years before writing a single sentence?  Well this guy has them all beat by a landslide:

An Anglican priest in British Columbia has earned a PhD for his research into the spirituality of snowboarding.  Rev. Neil Elliot of St. Andrews Anglican Church in Trail began his studies 10 years ago in England, pulling together a love of snowboarding, an interest in spirituality and a desire to understand the relationship between spirituality and religion.

A PhD for the ‘spirituality of snowboarding’. …  That almost makes the examiners of the entrails of the gnat look stable.

He began his studies at the University of Central England in Birmingham, but his research brought him to the B.C. Interior in 2003-04, where he fell in love with Red Mountain in the Kootenays. …  Following the move to Canada, he had to transfer his studies to Kingston University London, which is the institution that recently awarded him his doctorate. The move also brought Elliot closer to his research subjects, allowing him to interview 35 snowboarders as he tried to understand soulriding and snowboard spirituality.  He chose experienced snowboarders who were competent enough to feel “the flow,” and said he was surprised by how many of them understood soulriding and even reported transcendental, out-of-body experiences. Most of his subjects were either soulriders already or were seeking the experience.

Good grief.  You have to love the ‘scholars’ those ‘accredited’ schools are churning out of their money mills.  Via Scott Bailey.

2 thoughts on “The World’s Most Absurd PhD

  1. Neil Elliot 6 Mar 2011 at 10:52 pm

    I’d expect a biblical scholar to be more discerning and to check his information. Maybe the theologian in you jumped first 😉 Kingston University, London, England is a secular, academic university in the UK. Sociology of religion is a very interesting discipline which you might like to find out about sometime. And the web is very transparent. Have a very nice day.
    Oh, the summary of the thesis is on our web site.


    • Jim 7 Mar 2011 at 5:22 am

      i wouldnt argue that the uni is secular. my beef is with the very notion that snowboarding is a topic worthy of a doctoral dissertation in the field of religion. why not the spirituality of cat licking, or dumpster diving, or shopping, or hamburger eating? snowboarding might be fun- but as a source of spirituality?


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