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The Votes Are In!

After tabulating the 29,987 votes cast this month for the top ten biblioblogs here are the results- Bob Cargill- 9 votes Chris Tilling- 21 votes Joel Watts- 29 votes Mark Goodacre -8 votes Jim Davila – 2 votes Jim Linville … Continue reading

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What Will Be the Last Mention of the ‘Lead Tablets’, Unless They’re Actually Made Available for Examination

Tom Verenna does a roundup and since he includes it all, and since I’m fairly sure everything has been said that can be said until we all can hear from the epigraphers like Rollston and the metallurgists and the documentarians … Continue reading

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Mike Huckabee’s Sanity Has Left the Building

What lunacy.  I see now that I was wrong to have thought well of this man. HUCKABEE: I don’t know anyone in America who is a more effective communicator [than David Barton.] I just wish that every single young person … Continue reading

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Karl Barth’s 125th Birth Anniversary (May 10)

And celebrations are already in planning and papers are already appearing- Am 10. Mai 2011 wäre Karl Barth 125 Jahre alt geworden. Jochen Denker erinnert an den “kritischen Zeitgenossen” und “freien Theologen”. KARL BARTH – KRITISCHE ZEITGENOSSENSCHAFT. Von Pfr. Dr. … Continue reading

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Some British Muslims are Teaching Hatred

Via “Allah describes [non-Muslims] as the worst of all people…but you still want to follow them.” British school children educated in Islamic boarding schools (madrassas) are being taught these and other even more hateful teachings. The extremist teachings at some … Continue reading

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You, Mr Duffy, Are and Unhinged Greedy Prat

With thanks to Tom Verenna for mentioning this guy on Facebook- a tea party Wisconsin republican who thinks its awful that he has to live on $174,000 a year as a Congressman. And he’s struggling!!!! You, Mr Duffy, are an … Continue reading

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Alex Joffe Asks ‘How long will it be before Israeli archeologists are unable to get off a plane in London lest they be served with a subpoena initiated by a Palestinian NGO?’

In an essay titled The Archaeology War.  It’s an intriguing piece.  Though a bit biased.  Still, it is worth reading. It is a truism that Israeli archeological practice can be legitimately criticized, not least for the murky relations between the … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life…

Of this little bit of joy on the interweb… In fact, yesterday, to be precise.

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Ron Paul Disembowels Newt Gingrich

This made me laugh, and laugh, and laugh

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April DeConick Disembowels the ‘Lead Tablet’ Hype

Don’t miss it.  She can wield a scalpel.

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Chris Tilling, What Are you Thinking?

A guest post????   THIS guest post?????????????   Were you beaten in Venice, your mind shattered and broken, your password stolen, and your blog taken over by some consortium of Canadian Mennonites??? 😉

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Good Grief the Conspiracy Theorists are having a Field Day with the ‘Lead Tablets’

Exhibit A- “I met with British Archeologist David Elkington who heads the British research team investigating the find during early March 2010 and was sworn to secrecy about this discovery and the huge implications that could follow. There is still … Continue reading

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‘Predestination’ in 1QS III,15-16?

The issue is addressed in this interesting and recently made available paper, by H. Carl Moerschbacher.

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Texting Wickedness

It’s simply astonishing that 1) adults in positions of authority (teachers, coaches, priests, preachers, etc.) think it a good idea to send sexually suggestive texts and photos to youngsters and 2) that they must seem to believe that no one … Continue reading

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Inside Obama’s Whitehouse: Or, How He Has His own Karl Rove

A Fascinating essay in The Nation opens the door on Obama’s Whitehouse and let’s us see a glimpse of how he really does business.  It’s very Rove-ian. In March 2009 the Campaign for America’s Future, a top progressive group in … Continue reading

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Even Though I’ve Never Really Liked Augustine…

The paper Marc references from the NW meeting of ETS sounds absolutely fascinating.  [BTW, the reason I don’t care for Augustine is because he was no Jerome- i.e., he was no scholar of the bible who could read it in … Continue reading

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The Prestigious ‘Versatile Blogger Award’

Has been awarded to yours truly, thanks to a Canadian blogger (who isn’t a biblioblogger… my fame and renown just keeps spreading. Today, #1 in biblioblogging, tomorrow, #3 on the entire internet [after Google and Facebook]). Anyway, My thanks to … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

If your prophetic hermeneutic looks more like Hal Lindsey’s than Jesus and the Apostles’, your insistence on the final authority of the Bible rings hollow.  — Gary Yates [So VERY true, and something all the ‘left behind’-ers need to realize.]

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A Fascinating Look at American Culture: How We Got to Where we Are

I commend this fascinating essay to your attention.  It includes such insights as Before US Tomahawk cruise missiles began to rain down on Muammar Gaddafi’s air defences this past week, the only conversation that president Obama had to have was … Continue reading

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Is Rabid Fundamentalism Alive and Well in the Netherlands?

One author seems to believe so, writing in the Nederlands Dagblad Anderhalve week geleden verbrandde een zieke christelijke geest in een kerk in Gainesville (Florida) een exemplaar van de koran. De geesteshouding – precies weten wat God wil – komt … Continue reading

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