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The Interview You’ve Been Waiting For: Near Emmaus Tells All

Don’t let the title fool you, as this isn’t really M. Qaddafhi- it’s actually Brian le Port and Mark Stevens and the rest of the ‘people’ (!) at Near Emmaus for the first time on the BBC.

They really do believe all their people love them! De Nile isn’t just a river in Egypt my friends…

Legal Offense: British Judicial Folly

There is no place in British law for Christian beliefs, despite this country’s long history of religious observance and the traditions of the established Church, two High Court judges said on Monday.

British law, like all western legal codes, is based on the Judeo-Christian tradition, as are Western ethics. So these two prats need to retire and trot off to the retirement home in order to live out their senility in complete solitude.

Lord Justice Munby and Mr Justice Beatson made the remarks when ruling on the case of a Christian couple who were told that they could not be foster carers because of their view that homosexuality is wrong. The judges underlined that, in the case of fostering arrangements at least, the right of homosexuals to equality “should take precedence” over the right of Christians to manifest their beliefs and moral values.  In a ruling with potentially wide-ranging implications, the judges said Britain was a “largely secular”, multi-cultural country in which the laws of the realm “do not include Christianity”.

Brits should do whatever is legally possible to remove these two from their offices.

Friendly Exegesis

28 February 1527 was the publication date of Huldrych Zwingli’s Amica Exegesis, id est, expositio eucharistiae negocii ad Martinum Lutherum. And though Luther wouldn’t be persuaded (because he was a stubborn git) Zwingli tried his best to walk the cantankerous boozer step by step from the darkness of his idolatrous view of the Lord’s Supper to the truth. Which just goes to show that even the best intentions aren’t always effective or productive.

It is quite a long book which you can read here if you like.  It’s quite enjoyable.

And Now For Something Completely Adorable…

Via the ‘Canadian Satan’ Scott Bailey

Biblioblog Top 50 for February (by Alexa Rank) (via The Biblioblog Top 50)

Oh like you’re surprised… Anyway, I’d like to thank the 31,000 people who find their way here to my little and humble blog this month and every month, month in and month out (though last month the average was 30,000). I’ll just say – you’re welcome! (Because I know if you were here you would thank me personally!)

Well, it’s that time again.  I know what you’re all thinking – if only this year had been a leap year, I could have pulled my ranking up and perhaps even defeated Jim West.  I know that you are all thinking this because I know how important these rankings are to you all.  I realize that many of you think about them constantly and probably could not imagine life without them.  Indeed, I know that some of you can think of little else. But alas, it … Read More

via The Biblioblog Top 50

Praying that the Hand of God Intervene

And mete out the justice this couple so richly and profoundly deserves:

A south suburban [Chicago] man and his live-in girlfriend face several charges for allegedly chaining the man’s 13-year-old son to a dryer and repeatedly beating him.  The teen told investigators that his father Hugo Dominguez and his live-in girlfriend, Mary Rodriguez “often hit him with many objects, including wooden ax handles, yardsticks, bamboo scratchers, belts and rulers that had been taped together,” the Chicago Sun-Times reports.  While the couple slept, prosecutors say the boy was chained up in the laundry room.

A suitable punishment would be immediate divine justice (and I don’t care if the Mennonite likes it or not).  Some people truly are evil and the only cure for that evil is their end at the hand of God.

When Senators Start Telling Christians How to Act, and What to Pray For…

Those Senators need to be ignored.  Senators have as much business interfering in the lives of the people of God as Muslim Imams do in telling Baptist Churches what to pray and how to practice.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) told an audience at the National Religious Broadcasters conference Sunday night that America’s national debt is a “moral hazard.” Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody reported Monday that the “speaker of the House of Representatives came to the evangelical audience with a moral message.”  “We have a moral responsibility to deal with this threat to freedom and liberate our economy from the shackles of debt and unrestrained government,” he said.  Boehner made clear that this fiscal crisis requires people to get on their knees.  “This immense debt is a moral hazard,” Boehner said.

A moral hazard brought about by politicians in Washington, not by people living across the Country.  Physician Politician, heal thyself.  And once you get the hypocritical log out of your own eye you can tell Christians they ought to pray for national revival and not some feckless imagined economic necessity.

The Senator’s remarks make it plain for all to see that when religion and politics get in bed together, the only thing that happens is some monstrous baby is born.

Christians are obliged not to pray for economic healing but for spiritual.  The world is worried about the economy, but we are not slaves of this world, we are citizens of the Kingdom of God.

Anyway I’m not about to listen to the spiritual advice of a guy who smokes enough to cause cancer in 5 people or who places the blame for national problems at the feet of others when it clearly belongs at his and his cohort of thugs in politics.  Those lot of pedophiles, rapists, molesters, bathroom stall trawlers, and adulterers.

Toasting Oscar

And not in a congratulatory way.

We’re born alone, we die alone, and we live through Oscar night alone — because, let’s face it, none of us can stay glued to the screen for all 18 hours, or however long it was, without missing something.

And that’s merely the opening salvo.  I thought it passing bizarre that there were as many hours for the ‘pre-oscar’ nonsense as there are for the super bowl run up.  People you’ve never heard of talking endlessly about the clothes other people wore… what could be more boring or tiresome (besides reading some of the less interesting biblioblogs of course).

But our columnist liked the whole thing even less than I did (and I only watched about an hour or an hour and a half of the whole horrifying ickiness- though I did like the opening video a lot.  It was clever and Franco and Hathaway did a good job.  Kirk Douglas, on the other hand, just made me uncomfortable).

Farewell Breast Milk Ice Cream

It didn’t last long, thankfully.

Local government officials have confiscated ice cream made with human breast milk from a London shop amid concerns the dessert is unsafe.  A spokeswoman from Westminster City Council said Monday it was responding to two complaints from the public over whether a shop should be selling edibles made from other people’s bodily fluids and awaiting guidance from Britain’s Food Standards Agency. The official spoke on condition of anonymity in keeping with council policy.

Good riddance.

If You Lose Your Job Under the Republican Spending Plan…

You know who to blame.

A Republican plan to sharply cut federal spending this year would destroy 700,000 jobs through 2012, according to an independent economic analysis set for release Monday.

What is it they don’t understand?  Jobs mean tax revenue and tax revenue means less national debt and less national debt means a better outlook and less burden on our grandchildren.  It strikes me as the most absurd truth of modern Republican praxis that the party that believes that ‘you have to spend money to make money’ is the very party unwilling to do so.  Is it rank hypocrisy, rank stupidity, or both?

I Had Forgotten About This…

Anyone else?  Anyone???  Anywhere????

Historical Jesus: What Can We Know and How Can We Know It?

That’s the title of another Eerdmans volume which arrived today and it’s by Anthony Le Donne.  I have previously had a go at Le Donne’s earlier volume, ‘The Historigraphical Jesus‘, parts one and two.  And I mentioned the present volume when it was first announced back in July.  I’m appreciative of the review copy and will get to it once McKnight is finished off.

More anon, as always.

Just Any Time Now…

Announcement will be made that I’m still #1, the biblioblog receiving the most hits and the most reads because the most widely read and beloved.  Assemble the nay-sayer band, carp and whine and vote and snivel and scorn as much as you like (whilst posting only the most boring stuff that only 2 people on the planet care about and then marvel that no one cares) in an attempt to apply the salve of healing to your lowliness.  It’s ok.  One day I’ll be dead (but even then my position will remain more pronounced than yours).

Yes, that’s right, I’m predicting that even when I’m dead, my little blotch on the complexion of cyberspace will receive more hits than any whining Mennonite or angry Pseudepigraphist could possibly muster.

Are Parents Giving Children too Much Medicine to their Children?

A new study suggests so-

A misplaced “fever phobia” in society means parents too frequently use … medicines to bring down even quite slight temperatures, say the paediatricians, who warn that children often receive accidental overdoses as a result.  A high temperature is usually the body’s way of fighting an infection, according to advice issued today by the American Academy of Pediatrics, so to bring it down could actually lengthen the time a child suffers.  Doctors too readily advise parents to give the medicines, known collectively as “antipyretics”, according to the Academy.  The advice comes after a study indicated that children given paracetemol before 15 months were more than twice as likely to develop asthma by the age of six as those not given it.

The body is an amazing piece of machinery.  Let it do its thing until it really needs help.  Pills aren’t cure-alls and our society is already too fixated on ‘instantaneous’ results- to our collective detriment.

A Fascinating New Tome

By Francesca Stavrakopoulou – Land of Our Fathers: The Roles of Ancestor Veneration in Biblical Land Claims.

You can check it out by using Amazon’s ‘look inside’ feature.

A worthy addition to your collection if the Hebrew Bible is your field.

The Eye of a Newt

A Newt Gingrich, that is, is on the Presidential prize as he plans, it appears, to announce an ‘exploratory committee’ for a presidential candidacy.

You remember Newt.  He’s the guy that was keen to impeach Bill Clinton for his fling with Monica Lewinsky, and at the same time was cheating on his own wife- whom he later divorced…  Will Americans really vote for such a rank hypocrite?  Of course they will.  Americans vote for the people most like themselves (ideologically and ethically).  That, frankly, is why there are so many evil politicians: they are just a mirror of society.

As a Public Service…

And just because such things are interesting to me- you can click here and find the lowest gas prices around the country and in your area… because, as you know, I strive to be a blessing…  You won’t find that kind of concern for the public on those sad and lonely tragic blogs with their gazes fixed on arcane and boring uninteresting stuff…

Verse of the Day

For thus said the Lord Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel, “You will be saved in returning and rest. Your strength will be in quietness and in confidence.” You refused. (Is 30:15)