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Requiescat in pace…

A 5-month-old boy was laid to rest Monday at the first funeral for the victims of New Zealand’s devastating earthquake, as the confirmed death toll rose to 148 and the government considered a nationwide levy to help pay for reconstruction. Dozens of family and friends gathered at a small chapel in the stricken city of Christchurch for Baxtor Gowland, who was sleeping peacefully at home when he was struck by masonry shaken loose by the magnitude 6.3 quake last Tuesday. He died in a hospital, the family said in a statement read to The Associated Press by the child’s great-uncle, Peter Croft.

Alas, this is precisely where the issue of theodicy becomes, for me, most pressing.

Inside the chapel, a slideshow of the smiling infant’s photographs flashed on a screen, as Sarah McLachlan’s song “Angel” echoed throughout the room. “We have all been thankful of the support and good wishes expressed from New Zealand and around the world,” Croft said, his voice shaking with emotion as he read the statement. “However, we would like to think that today is for family and friends so that we can farewell Baxtor with peace and dignity.”

Requiescat in pace little one…

Jesus: On Divorce and Remarriage

This is pretty interesting and an honest look at an issue loads and loads of people who happen to be Christians struggle to understand.  Take a look.

‘I’d Like to Thank the Academy…’

For showing us all without any equivocation that it is a cult centered on idolatry- and that of a sort that isn’t spoken of in polite company!  Look what recipients of the ‘Oscar’ are forced to do to show their fealty…

Would you do that to a graven image?  I wouldn’t.  Bloody idolaters…

[What the heck, I’ve made the home schoolers, the Mennonites, the atheists, and the fundamentalists mad- and all just this week!  Might as well call it a full house and make the movie star worshipers mad too]

Dies Irae

Oh My, So It Has Come to This Has It?

Girl Scouts are no longer able to sell their famous cookies outside the historic Savannah home of the woman who founded the organization almost a century ago.  A complaint last year ended the longtime practice of selling the cookies on the public sidewalk outside the home of Juliette Gordon Low at the busy intersection of Bull Street and Oglethorpe Avenue. Peddling on a public sidewalk is a violation of city ordinance. One city alderman said he thinks the city should consider a temporary exception for cookie season.

How ridiculous.  What next, arresting the Scouts for public endangerment?

If A Republican Were President…

The United States would have invaded Libya by now.  Because that’s what the neo-cons want more than anything.

In a distinct echo of the tactics they pursued to encourage US intervention in the Balkans and Iraq, a familiar clutch of neo-conservatives appealed Friday for the United States and NATO to “immediately” prepare military action to help bring down the regime of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and end the violence that is believed to have killed well over a thousand people in the past week.  The appeal, which came in the form of a letter signed by 40 policy analysts, including more than a dozen former senior officials who served under President George W. Bush, was organised and released by the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), a two-year-old neo-conservative group that is widely seen as the successor to the more-famous – or infamous – Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

Such madness, lust for power, and greed inhabits the hearts of many that they prefer, they actually prefer and desire war.  There’s something terribly wrong with people who crave destruction.  They are impelled by hell itself and inspired by Satan himself.  So who are hell’s very own human representatives?

Among the letter’s signers were former Bush deputy defence secretary Paul Wolfowitz; Bush’s top global democracy and Middle East adviser; Elliott Abrams; former Bush speechwriters Marc Thiessen and Peter Wehner; Vice President Dick Cheney’s former deputy national security adviser, John Hannah, as well as FPI’s four directors:Weekly Standard editor William Kristol; Brookings Institution fellow Robert Kagan; former Iraq Coalition Provisional Authority spokesman Dan Senor; and former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy and Ambassador to Turkey, Eric Edelman.

It was Kagan and Kristol who co-founded and directed PNAC in its heyday from 1997 to the end of Bush’s term in 2005.

Glenn Beck Needs to Be Taken Off the Air

Here’s why.

TV and radio host Glenn Beck targeted Frances Fox Piven as an “enemy of the Constitution.” Death threats [against her] soon followed.

Read the entire essay.  And let me add, in passing, that no Christian person can, or could, or should, support the wicked man.  He is anti-christian to his very core and because he has a wide audience at which to spew his hate, extremely unworthy of Christian support.


That’s Not Very Bright

A tourist who thought it was amusing to have himself photographed outside the Reichstag in Berlin giving the Heil Hitler! salute has been arrested. The 30-year-old Canadian was standing on the steps of the German parliament building with his right arm raised as his girlfriend, 29, photographed him in the forbidden pose. Police arrived within seconds, handcuffed him and took the memory card of the camera. He risked being formally charged with making a forbidden gesture, an offence for which he could have been jailed for up to six months. But it is understood he will be let off with a fine and a warning. He was freed after several hours in police custody on Saturday after paying bail money. Hundreds of tourists every year make the mistake of thinking that Monty Pythonesque jokes about Hitler and his henchmen – including giving his famous raised-arm salute – are acceptable when visiting Germany. But any gestures of the old Nazi regime, or the displaying of any of its symbols, is a s serious crime in modern-day Germany. Three years ago a British businessman at Cologne airport gave the salute to a car hire official – and was arrested immediately.

When in Germany, it’s best not to make a public spectacle of yourself with Nazi behaviors. The Germans don’t mess around. At anything.

And Now in Saudi Arabia…

The Associated Press reports

More than 100 leading Saudi academics and activists urged King Abdullah to enact sweeping reforms, including setting up a constitutional monarchy, and he ordered Sunday that government sector workers with temporary contracts be given permanent jobs in order to pre-empt that has engulfed other Arab nations.  The activists’ statement, seen on several Saudi websites Sunday, reflects the undercurrent of tension that has simmered for years in the world’s largest oil producer. While Abdullah is seen as a reformer, the pace of those reforms has been slow as Saudi officials balance the need to push the country forward with the perennial pressure from hard-line clergy in the conservative nation.

Oh what fun it is to ride on the petrol-dependent sleigh…

John Dominic Crossan’s ‘blasphemous’ Portrait of Jesus (via Faith in Hand)

I actually like Dom Crossan. He’s a provocative writer who makes you think. And he’s as different from people like Ehrman as night is different from day.

He’s very personable, very friendly, and really is a Christian who’s trying to ask questions that sensible non christians are looking to answer as well.  He’s not always right, but then who is?

I think he’s a benefit to the Church.

John Dominic Crossan's 'blasphemous' Portrait of Jesus John Dominic Crossan really isn’t a favourite scholar of mine, at all, especially with that ridiculous and deleterious Jesus Seminar thing. But as anyone who has studied the Historical Jesus knows, you will at some point cross his path: … Crossan believes the public should be exposed to even the most divisive debates that scholars have had about Jesus and the Bible. He co-founded the Jesus Seminar, a controversial group of scholars who hold pub … Read More

via Faith in Hand

Easter’s Coming! It’s Time for Cadbury Cream Eggs…

And now you can make your own!  With millions of thanks to Joel Watts for mentioning this on FB.

Finally, you can make Cadbury-style Creme Eggs at home any time of year.  And you want to know the biggest secret?  The recipe is incredibly simple!  The molding takes some time and patience, but if you’re not concerned about looks, these babies are easy to crank out, and possibly more addictive than the real things.


It’s That Wonderful Time When Hollywood is ‘Celebrated’

That’s right, it’s the Razzies!

The action fantasy “The Last Airbender” — about people who can command fire, air, water and earth — now controls something else: the Razzie awards for Hollywood’s worst film achievements of 2010.  “The Last Airbender” led Saturday’s Razzies with five awards, among them worst picture, worst director and worst screenplay for M. Night Shyamalan.  The movie also received Razzies for worst supporting actor (Jackson Rathbone, who was cited for both “The Last Airbender” and “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”) and for a special award, worst eye-gouging misuse of 3-D.  A spoof of the Academy Awards, the Razzies were announced the night before the Oscars, Hollywood’s biggest party.

Far more interesting than the Oscars!  Check out all the fun here.  I like this part myself…

Ashton Kutcher was picked as worst actor for “Killers” and “Valentine’s Day,” while Jessica Alba took the Razzie as worst supporting actress for four 2010 releases, “The Killer Inside Me,” “Little Fockers,” “Machete” and “Valentine’s Day.”

Who the Devil is Rob Bell and Why Does Anyone Care if He’s A Universalist?

Universalism has been around since Origen.  It’s not new.  It’s old.  It was repudiated on scriptural bases during Origen’s own lifetime.

Sometimes watching current debates about theological matters is like getting into a time machine and going back to the 3rd century where all this stuff has been discussed, ad nauseum.

It seems as though people are panting after this Bell person (of whom I have never heard) because they are surprised that someone could believe that the whole of humanity will be saved.  But a little time reading Church History shows that his idea (if it is even his idea) isn’t at all new, or even interesting.

The Tripolian Tyrant

Gaddafi Qadaffi Qudaffi Kadaffi Qudaphi or whatever it is isn’t having as good a time becoming a martyr (to what, exactly?) as he had hoped.

As more cities fall into the hands of the pro-democracy protesters, Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, is hanging on to the capital where security forces loyal to him seem to have a firm hold, even amid reports of sporadic gunfire there.  On Sunday, protesters had reportedly taken over the towns of Misurata and Zawiyeh, further shrinking the control of Gaddafi’s government.  With much of the oil-producing regions, including the second city of Benghazi, in protesters’ hands, the opposition is rapidly gearing up for a showdown in Tripoli.

He’s in a corner and now it really looks like the only thing he can do is die or flee.  I’m just guessing but I think he’ll run for his life when the time comes.  People who talk about wanting to be martyrs seldom are.  They send other people to die, like Bin Laden, etc.