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Shed Student Loans…

Though this might not really be the best way to do it. An anonymous parent in the Boston area recently posted an ad on Craigslist offering to sell their body parts to pay off their child’s student loans.  The ad detailed … Continue reading

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Heavens to Betsy… Is it True, Ex-Congressman Lee?

Yikes. In the past 10 days, two D.C.-area transgender women contacted us, each with a separate story about exchanging emails with the ex-congressman. One sent us an ad that Lee allegedly posted on Craigslist in search of trans women; the … Continue reading

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Sneak peek: Christian History magazine reborn with special KJV anniversary issue (via Grateful to the dead)

Nice! Well, it's finally about to go to the printer, and within a month it will begin mailing. It's the special 100th issue of Christian History magazine, reborn after a two-year hiatus. This one is on the King James Version … Continue reading

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Fox News… Expert at Pandering and Propaganda

As a column in today’s Washington Post makes regrettably clear. When there’s an issue involving race or religion, Fox responds by giving airtime to cartoonish extremists who can confirm its viewers’ worst fears. Fox News’s use of Choudary hasn’t reached … Continue reading

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When You Enter the Grossmünster…

It may happen that you enter through the doorway featuring fantastic biblical scenes carved in bronze, or through a similar door festooned with art depicting Zwingli’s life and time.  Ron’s got a very nice post linking to a very good … Continue reading

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The SBL International Meeting in London…

Via the SBL You may now register online for the 2011 SBL International Meeting in London, UK.  Hosted by King’s College London, the meeting will take place on the Waterloo campus, just south of the Thames River, within walking distance … Continue reading

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Mobile Manners

NPR’s running a poll on rudeness in connection with people and their mobile devices.  I can tell you from personal experience that I find people who use their cell phones during funerals the most infuriating of the lot. I’m not … Continue reading

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Trying to Track Down a Rabbinic Quote

Or at least a quote purported to be Rabbinic.  Anyway, I’ve heard or read or both that a Rabbi once remarked ‘A fool can only learn from his friends, but a wise man can learn even from his enemies’. Sounds … Continue reading

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Calvin: On Salvation and Baptism

Calvin was serious about Baptism not being a means to salvation because salvation is only by grace through faith alone, so in his Institutes of 1556 he writes But since those frantic spirits of whom I have spoken attempt to … Continue reading

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I’ve Managed to Anger a Peace Loving Mennonite…

That takes some doing.  But I’ve managed to so annoy John Hobbins that he rants against my ranting and urges his readers to avoid the crude-ness he finds here (and of course his commentators to a man chime in with … Continue reading

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Jane Williams is Right

Christians should stand up for their beliefs. British society regards Christians with scorn and is too ready to dismiss believers as bigots who do not have a brain, according to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s wife. She’s right and the same … Continue reading

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Jim West Lolcat Contest Entries (via A ‘Goula Blogger)

These are great! I especially like this one: You can find the rules for this bit of silliness at Jim Linville’s blog. I figured I should share my late night efforts, so here they are: … Read More via A … Continue reading

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Something is Seriously Wrong, Mentally, With You Right Wingers

This makes me sick.  No one in the center or on the left ever implied that Bush should be assasinated.  But it seems that for some of you right wing nutbags, it’s ok to ask when Obama will be.  What’s … Continue reading

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The Greer-Heard Point Counterpoint Forum 2011

Ehrman v. Evans on the question as to whether or not the Gospels are reliable sources for the life of Jesus. You can visit the website of the event here. You can join the Facebook group here. Or the twitter … Continue reading

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It’s Almost Time for the Monthly Biblioblog Rankings…

And while there can be no doubt that I will once more be #1 (even the campaign by Linville to LOL Cat me has backfired and his OWN BROTHER likes me better), it is refreshing to know that even among … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry, But if You Haven’t Read a Catholic Theologian You Have No Right to Condemn Catholic Theology

So I’m with Jeremy and Joel on this one.  The person named Bob who condemns millions of Catholics and Orthodox believers to damnation in a book review simply because they have what he describes as a ‘deficient theology’ even though, … Continue reading

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More Pastoral Misconduct

Arrest warrants reveal more an Asheville pastor is accused of child abuse.  49-year-old Greg Metcalf, is the Pastor of Westwood Baptist Church. He’s charged with assault on a child, contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile and child abuse.  Asheville … Continue reading

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The Death Toll in Christchurch Continues to Rise

Sadly The death toll continued to rise Friday with numerous foreigners now thought to be among the dead, three days after a massive earthquake rocked New Zealand’s second largest city. …   Rescuers haven’t found anyone alive in the past … Continue reading

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