If One Priest Can Marry, Why Can’t They All?

The Catholic Church actually has quite a number of married priests.  They’ve all been married while outside the Church and then entered the Catholic Priesthood.  Sure, it’s rare, but it happens.  And it has happened again:

In a rare move that needed the pope’s approval, a Lutheran convert is being ordained as a Catholic priest in Germany and is being allowed to remain married to his wife — who has already become a nun.  The Cologne archdiocese said 61-year-old Harm Klueting is to be ordained as a Catholic priest Tuesday. Pope Benedict XVI gave him a special permission to remain married to his wife Edeltraut Klueting, who became a Catholic Carmelite nun in 2004. The couple has two grown children.  Klueting and his wife were both Lutherans when they married in 1977 and both converted to Catholicism several years ago.

If the Catholic Church admits to the priesthood men who are married, why doesn’t it allow its own priests to marry?  It really isn’t consistent and it makes no sense.

Rome, let your priests marry.  Since the Reformation you’ve been asked to.  It’s time.  It’s better, to borrow Paul’s phrase, ‘to marry than to burn’!

4 thoughts on “If One Priest Can Marry, Why Can’t They All?

  1. Joel

    Rome has always done so. Plus, it is only canon law and not actual doctrine.

    I suspect that the next Pope will allow marriage of some sort, but we’ll see.


  2. Gerard

    According to the New Catholic Encyclopaedia, 2nd Ed, Vol 11, Page 2: “As a Christian, Paul looked upon his celibacy as a mystical betrothal to Christ and the Church”. This is based on 1 Corinthians 7:7.

    Interesting that the Priest’s wife is now a nun, as when a nun takes her final vows she “marries” Jesus.


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  4. Macrina Walker

    For what it’s worth, there is a distinction between ordaining men who are already married (which the Orthodox Church does and which the Catholic Church has done in some circumstances) and allowing priests who are already ordained to marry (which neither Church does). If the Catholic Church were to change it would almost certainly be in the direction of the former.

    As for this priest’s wife being a nun, that is a lot of of rubbish and just another example of the media’s cluelessness when it comes to religion. It would seem that she is a third order Carmelite, i.e. a lay, non-vowed, associate of a religious order.


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