British Gay Muslims Want to Marry…

British gay Muslims are joining the global fight for equality and seeking gay Islamic marriage. The BBC’s 5 live Investigates speaks to one couple about their ‘nikah’ – a Muslim matrimonial contract – and asks how they balance their sexuality with the Islamic faith.

Yes, you’re right- you can almost hear the fatwas being written.  Islam is less hospitable to homosexuality than Judaism.  Naturally there’s an Imam who supports the movement though-

By not allowing same-sex couples to wed, there is a direct attack on the Qur’an’s message that each person has a mate who is their ‘comfort and their cloak’” — Imam Daayiee Abdullah

Yes, of course he’s gay (and of course he’s an American).  Such is the mood in British culture at present that

gay unions are being integrated into wider British society even more – and the government recently announced plans to allow churches in England and Wales to host civil partnership ceremonies.  Ministers have pledged greater quality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, but said no religious group would be forced to host the ceremonies.  The Church of England has said it will not do so. Quakers have welcomed the plans, with support also expected from Unitarians and Liberal Jews. But what about the Muslim community?  “Homosexuality is not considered a halal way of living at the moment, so of course there’s going to be an extreme reaction to a gay nikah. So, as a community we have to get tolerance before we can even attempt acceptance of marriage,” says Asra.  But she is hopeful for the future.

Hmmmm Britain, hmmmmm…..

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  1. If Al Gore had invented the interweb back in the 1950s, you would have been a-bloggin’ up fire and brimstone over the repeal of miscegenation laws, wouldn’t you?


    • who knows. unlike the sciency people im not willing to speculate how life would have been or how the planet will be. that’s just plain old superstitious nonsense.


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