Teens Having Sex: A Crime or Just Kids Being Kids?

A Clayton County mother said a local police officer went too far in charging her 13-year-old son and three friends with aggravated child molestation.  Channel 2 Action News reporter Tony Thomas asked the mother, only identified as Yolanda, if she was surprised by the charges.  “I am appalled by that,” she replied.  The four teens admitted to going behind a vacant house where the one female performed consensual oral sex on the three boys.  Thomas obtained a copy of the arrest warrant the family was given by authorities. In it, the arresting officer wrote, “upon arrival, I observed three black male juveniles and one black female juvenile walking way from the incident location. The juvenile female was adjusting her clothing.”

I guess she needs to update her Facebook status to ‘just a skanky teen who will put her mouth on anything’ and the boys can update theirs to ‘we have no respect for ourselves or girls’.

So disgusting.  I’m glad they were arrested and charged.  God willing, every teen who behaves promiscuously can find themselves in front of a judge.  True, it would require a whole army of Judges and court officials just to handle the cases in one county.  But think of all the jobs it would create!  Judges, jailers, cops, truant officers, etc.  We could have 100% employment and a huge influx of revenue due to all the new tax payers.

Anyway, the reason the kids are so freewheeling can be discovered by dear Yolanda the mom’s attitude:

“They are children. Children explore the world by hands on,” she replied.

Hands on eh.  Oh and mouth’s on and willies in too right, Yo?

Dear God, would you please smack some parents around?  Please?  Some good old fashioned Old Testament violence rained down on their ignorant heads is in order, don’t you think?  Anyway, I do.  Still, it’s your call.  Amen.