Priest Answers Cellphone During Mass (via Faith in Hand)

Priests aren’t the only ones who do it… I was once gone to a meeting and the replacement preacher answered his while he was preaching. Everyone remembered that and told me about it when I got home and curiously (not!) not a single person knew what the sermon was about…

Priest Answers Cellphone During Mass A question via Fr Z: My wife attended Mass today with my children for our homeschooling co op. There were two priests concelebrating the Mass. The older priest’s cell phone started ringing and he got up and went to the side (Still on the altar) and took the call. My children keep asking if this is ok? This is very confusing for them since we never see this happen when we attend the Mass in the EF? How should we proceed? If you have feather pillow … Read More

via Faith in Hand

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  1. Bitsy Griffin 19 Feb 2011 at 6:41 pm

    That’s just not right.


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