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Turn That Cell Phone off in Church… or Else


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Silly Atheists Get a Right Good Smacking

Matt Flannagan douses the ashes of already-defeated atheist ideology in a nice piece worth reading here.  You’ll have to read down to the bottom of the page to know what this means-

Naturally, a Dawkins or Myers would be appalled at our Skeptic.  And rightly so.  But replace terms like “science,” “physicists,” “quarks,” etc. with terms like “theism,” “philosophers,” “God,” etc. and you’ve suddenly got in our Skeptic a typical Dawkins or Myers fan – indeed, you’ve got someone pretty much indistinguishable from Dawkins or Myers themselves.

There’s a good bit more, all of it fun.  It’s nice to know that there are others out there who haven’t bowed the knee to Ba’al.

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Tutankhamun in Minnesota

Tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings

KV 62

Visitors to the Science Museum of Minnesota are getting a glimpse into the life of Egyptian royalty at the King Tut exhibit that is now open. The Science Museum says more than 100 artifacts are on display, including King Tut’s sandals and the jars that once held his internal organs. It is the largest exhibit the museum has ever hosted.  The exhibit, Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs, teaches about the 18th dynasty and the role pharaohs played in religion and society in Egypt. It includes information about the discovery of King Tut’s tomb in 1922 and the modern science that revealed clues about his death.

I’m not sure why the report calls him Tut. Only dweebs and the uninformed and that windbag Hawass call him that.  Anyway, if you’re around the area go see it.  It’s a fantastic exhibition (saw it when it made the rounds in New York).

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Some People Deserve a Fatal Beating…

Too harsh? Well, you precious seeker sensitive soul, I can only reiterate these sentiments-

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Football (Soccer for the Americans) Isn’t That Important

Hill of the Cross, Antigua, Guatemala, 2009

The vice president of a last-place soccer team in Guatemala has been shot to death after receiving threats about the club’s poor play.  National Civil Police spokesman Donald Gonzalez said Saturday no suspects have been detained in the killing of Carlos Noe Gomez. Gonzalez said the club executive was killed late Friday as he left a team meeting in the northern province of Huehuetenango.  Prosecutor Nery Martinez says the investigation is focused on the threats Gomez reported receiving several weeks ago.

Killed because his team wasn’t playing well?  Good heavens.  Anyone who thinks football is so important that a team leader should be killed if the team doesn’t have a winning record is sick and evil.

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Teens Having Sex: A Crime or Just Kids Being Kids?

A Clayton County mother said a local police officer went too far in charging her 13-year-old son and three friends with aggravated child molestation.  Channel 2 Action News reporter Tony Thomas asked the mother, only identified as Yolanda, if she was surprised by the charges.  “I am appalled by that,” she replied.  The four teens admitted to going behind a vacant house where the one female performed consensual oral sex on the three boys.  Thomas obtained a copy of the arrest warrant the family was given by authorities. In it, the arresting officer wrote, “upon arrival, I observed three black male juveniles and one black female juvenile walking way from the incident location. The juvenile female was adjusting her clothing.”

I guess she needs to update her Facebook status to ‘just a skanky teen who will put her mouth on anything’ and the boys can update theirs to ‘we have no respect for ourselves or girls’.

So disgusting.  I’m glad they were arrested and charged.  God willing, every teen who behaves promiscuously can find themselves in front of a judge.  True, it would require a whole army of Judges and court officials just to handle the cases in one county.  But think of all the jobs it would create!  Judges, jailers, cops, truant officers, etc.  We could have 100% employment and a huge influx of revenue due to all the new tax payers.

Anyway, the reason the kids are so freewheeling can be discovered by dear Yolanda the mom’s attitude:

“They are children. Children explore the world by hands on,” she replied.

Hands on eh.  Oh and mouth’s on and willies in too right, Yo?

Dear God, would you please smack some parents around?  Please?  Some good old fashioned Old Testament violence rained down on their ignorant heads is in order, don’t you think?  Anyway, I do.  Still, it’s your call.  Amen.

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Speed Kills

The Australians are on top of it on this one:

A road sign on the Bruce Highway south of Mackay in January 2011 warns speeding drivers about the consequences of not slowing down. An Australian hamlet has changed its name to “SpeedKills” to encourage drivers to slow down after a leap in road deaths.

Nice sign.

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Additional Facebook Statuses that they Clearly Need to Add

Gays are applauding the addition of ‘domestic partnership’ to the list of ‘relationship status‘ options users can select.

But I say, Facebook, if you’re in for a penny, be in for a pound.  If you really want to cover all the bases then you should add the following ‘in a relationship with:’ categories –

– with my dog.
– with my pillow.
– having a baby with my highschool boyfriend and we’re both 15.
– having a baby with my baby daddy and he’s 30 and I’m 12.
– having a baby but I’m so promiscuous that I don’t know who my baby daddy is.
– with my cat.
– with a chicken.
– with a horse.
– with a pair of horses.
– with two men and a dog, a cat, a woman, several fish, a buffalo, and a chicken wing from Dominos.
– with my 10 year old neighbor girl.
– with my 9 year old neighbor boy.

Because, let’s face it, if you’re going to list everything, you have to list every deviation so the deviants all have their deviation trumpeted.  If you’re going to tolerate one abnormalcy, you have to, by rights and in the name of equity, tolerate them all.

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Priest Answers Cellphone During Mass (via Faith in Hand)

Priests aren’t the only ones who do it… I was once gone to a meeting and the replacement preacher answered his while he was preaching. Everyone remembered that and told me about it when I got home and curiously (not!) not a single person knew what the sermon was about…

Priest Answers Cellphone During Mass A question via Fr Z: My wife attended Mass today with my children for our homeschooling co op. There were two priests concelebrating the Mass. The older priest’s cell phone started ringing and he got up and went to the side (Still on the altar) and took the call. My children keep asking if this is ok? This is very confusing for them since we never see this happen when we attend the Mass in the EF? How should we proceed? If you have feather pillow … Read More

via Faith in Hand

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Half of Underage Drinkers get Their Booze from Relatives

Spirutoosen in einem Supermarktregal

parents supply it

Which is just simply absurd.

A survey carried out from 2006 to 2009 was published Thursday this month by the U.S. Substance Abuse andMental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).  The study revealed that just under 6 percent of teens had consumed alcohol in the last month. That converts to over 700,000 kids between the ages of 12 and 14 years old.  The survey found that under 7 percent of this group bought the liquor themselves from either stores or bars. The other teens were able to access the alcohol at no cost from a variety of sources including other minors, adults who were both related and unrelated, and their house.  Just under 45 percent of the group received their liquor from their house or relatives.

Every adult that provides alcohol to minors should be arrested, prosecuted, have their vehicles and other property seized, and serve time in prison.  I bet then they’d think twice about doing it again.  Only serious consequences will inhibit evil behavior.

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If That’s the Cure for Global Warming, Let it Roast…

Insects food stall in Bangkok, Thailand

bugs to eat for sale...

There is a rational, even persuasive, argument for voluntarily eating insects: Bugs are high in protein, require less space to grow and offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to the vertebrates we Westerners prefer, advocates of the bug fare say.  However, this topic is not a hotbed of research, so while some data exist — in particular on the protein content of insects — there are some assumptions built into the latter part of this argument.

I’m sorry but the rest of you can save the planet by eating bugs if you want to.  I wish to be no part of it at all.  If that makes me a bad world-citizen, so be it.

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Sad News: The Death of Anson Rainey

I have just been informed that Professor Anson Rainey passed away today, after a blessedly short battle with pancreal cancer. Details about the funeral arrangements are not yet available.

Barukh Dayan Emet.


Dr. Yigal Levin

May he rest in peace.

UPDATE:  Professor Anson Rainey’s funeral will be held  tomorrow, Sunday, at 12:00 at the Barkan cemetery.

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Tunisia’s Islamists: Denouncing Murder

Coat of arms of Tunis


If it’s proper (and it is) to point out Islamic fundamentalist violence, then it’s also proper to point out Islamist denunciations of murder.

The Tunisian government and a long-banned Islamist party both denounced Saturday the grisly slaying of a Catholic priest, while several hundred people gathered outside the French embassy in the capital to demand the recall of France’s new ambassador.  The 34-year-old priest Marek Marius Rybinski was found on Friday with his throat slit and stab wounds in the parking lot of the religious school in the Tunis suburb of Manouma.  The slaying of the Polish priest was the first deadly attack on members of religious minorities since last month’s ouster of Tunisia’s longtime autocratic president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.  The Interior Ministry said the killing appeared to be the work of a “group of extremist terrorist fascists,” judging by the way it was carried out, and vowed that those responsible for the “odious crime” would be severely punished.

Right is right.  So good for them.  For doing and saying what’s right.

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Get behind me Satan, wait your turn (via scientia et sapientia)


Get behind me Satan, wait your turn Apparently this quote has been around a bit longer than I thought. From The Argyle Sweater (HT Daniel Thompson via Facebook) … Read More

via scientia et sapientia

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Whatever Happened to Loyalty?

Ivy Frye (implicated in troopergate). This ima...

someone random

One of Sarah Palin’s trusted advisers is planning a tell-all memoir, drawing upon thousands of personal e-mails during his time with the former Alaska governor to paint what his agent calls an expose of the inner workings of her operation.  Frank Bailey rose from a campaign volunteer to administration official and figure in the “Troopergate” scandal that fixated the public’s attention during Palin’s vice presidential bid in 2008. A preliminary draft of the unpublished book, tentatively called “Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of our Tumultuous Years,” was leaked to reporters, with excerpts making the rounds on the Internet.

I won’t read it.  I’m not a fan of people who make fast bucks off of the backs of people they formerly supported, aided and abetted.  If this fellow was highly placed and things were done inappropriately, he’s just as guilty as anyone else.  For him to profit from it is unconscionable.

All these ‘kiss and tell’ books are total rubbish.  He may ‘tell all’ but garbage is garbage whether you eat it off a plate or right out of the can.


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Israel ‘Deeply Appreciates’ US Toadyism


dog, left. master, right.

said it was deeply grateful to the United States on Saturday after it vetoed a United Nations resolution put forward by the Palestinian leadership condemning Israeli settlement activity. “Israel deeply appreciates the decision by President Obama to veto the Security Council Resolution”, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said in a statement.  Israel was “prepared to pursue negotiations vigorously” and was “eager to get on” with Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, the premier’s office said. The “decision by the US makes it clear that the only path to such a peace will come through direct negotiations and not through the decisions of international bodies,” it continued.

Anyone who believes Netanyahu is eager to make peace with the Palestinians is a fool.  His stalling tactics are self evident and his hope that the Palestinians will just give up, shut up, lay down, and die, is only bolstered and emboldened by the United States’ toadyism.

The US was WRONG to veto the UN resolution and by doing so only proved once again to the entire world that it is a dog on the Israeli leash.  In terms of America’s foreign policy, our failures on behalf of the Palestinians will curse us throughout history.

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Brothels Burned

The Telegraph reports

Islamic fundamentalists attempted a show of force in Tunis on Friday by burning down a street of brothels.

If no one was hurt, let’s not pretend like it’s a bad thing…

Dozens of Islamists calling for Tunisia’s brothels to be closed had rallied outside the interior ministry following Friday prayers before marching to Abdallah Guech Street. At least three people were injured when security forces fired in the air to disperse the crowd. The incident was the latest sign of Islamists organising in the North African state, the only Arab country with legal prostitution, after an uprising toppled President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali last month.  “Almost 500 Islamists, many wearing beards, were demonstrating in Old Medina to demand the closure of a brothel,” said Mourad Barhoumi, a Tunis resident who witnessed the demonstration. “There were several dozen riot police who shut off entry to the neighbourhood. They fired in the air to break up the crowd, which didn’t want to go until the brothel was shut,” he said, adding that three people were injured.

Brothels legal? I guess the French really have left their mark in North Africa.

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I’m An Un-Belieber

Because I find it completely un-belieber-ble that Justin Bieber was chosen MVP over Scottie Pippen!  Seriously people, how does such a miscarriage of justice happen?

Justin Bieber finally got a trophy.  The teen singing sensation, who was shut out at the Grammys, was chosen most valuable player despite playing for the losing team in the NBA All-Star celebrity game.  … Hall of Fame player Scottie Pippen led the Magic Johnson-coached East team with 17 points in a game whose defensive highlight might have been Pippen’s third-quarter block of Bieber.

It’s the last sign of the apocalypse…  the end isn’t near, it’s here.  (HT Rachel West in the car on the way home from the gym this morning. And she also first used the term un-belieber).

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